Mobile Router

There are two main options for using the Internet on the move with a laptop or tablet. A few years ago, surf sticks were ubiquitous by mobile phone providers. However, these are rarely bought nowadays. As an alternative, there are mobile router, which are becoming increasingly popular.

The Advantages

A surf stick is connected via a USB port on the laptop. However, this surf stick can only supply one device with the Internet. The mobile routers, on the other hand, have a clear advantage. The routers are available either as larger models or as more compact and handy models.

The router enables wireless internet connectivity for multiple devices such as notebooks, tablets, and smartphones. A cable connection or a DSL connection doesn’t need to be available. This offers the possibility of using a mobile router as alternative Internet access. Depending on the model, up to ten devices can connect to the router.

It should be noted that not every router can be carried in a trouser pocket. Pay attention to the differences because there are routers that primarily provide the Internet at home. Other routers are considered travel hotspots. The larger mobile routers are extensively equipped. Thanks to the built-in LAN ports, these devices can not only be connected to the WLAN but can also be connected directly to the LAN cable. 

How Is The Internet Provided?

In the routers, cell phone cards can be inserted because there is always a SIM card slot. This enables the router to connect to the Internet via the cellular network. For this reason, it is, of course, necessary that a cellular tariff be in place. This is primarily a data plan. Most of the routers offer the LTE cellular standard. However, this will be strengthened in the future so that these routers also have 5G. It is set up and controlled via an app.

It should be noted that access is protected by a strong password so that not everyone can access the router. There are several ways you can get such a mobile router. Either this can be bought in stores. As an alternative, the router can be added to the mobile tariff. Depending on the use, the high-speed volume must be booked or increased. With the expensive routers, you get some more features than with the cheap ones.

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