Glass Or Display Damage: The Difference

display damage

Unfortunately, smartphone owners know this situation all too well: The device falls to the ground in a brief moment of inattention. In many cases, the cell phone is damaged. It can then be that the damage affects the entire display or – in happier cases – only the pane of glass on the show is defective. A professional display repair is then relatively inexpensive. But how can you tell whether the smartphone is affected by a glass or display damage? The following post provides the answer.

New Glass Or Complete Display Replacement?

If the damage can be seen on the smartphone’s front, this can mean two different action scenarios. If the device’s display is not affected by the defect, it is sufficient to replace the glass pane. However, if the entire display unit, including the OLED or LCD, is damaged, it is necessary to replace this component completely.

The Display Unit

The display unit is the module, consisting of the OLED or LCD, the touchscreen, and the front glass. The glass ensures the protection of the touch screen and the OLED / LCD from external influences.

LCD or OLED are the components that ensure that the image is shown on display. In contrast, the touchscreen takes over the processing and the corresponding implementation of the touches.

If the smartphone falls down and after it is picked up, it is determined that no picture is shown on display, a complete replacement of the display unit is usually necessary. In this case, the production often shows bright points, areas in black, purple or green, or colored stripes.

However, a new display unit is also required when the smartphone can no longer be operated properly. This indicates that the touchscreen is defective. A separate exchange of this component is generally not possible.

The Pane Of Glass

As can already be suspected, the glass front of the smartphone is the pane of glass on the screen. This offers LCD / OLED and touchscreen protection from external influences and damage.

If, after the smartphone has been dropped, it is found that the display shows many small cracks or splinters but can still be operated as usual without any problems, it is usually sufficient only to have the glass repaired.

However, those who commit such a glass repair should make sure in advance that the touchscreen was not damaged in the course of the fall. In addition, there must not be any dead areas, colorful stripes, luminous dots, or black spots on display. In these cases, simply replacing the front glass would not lead to the desired result.

Identify Damage

However, if there is a particular uncertainty about the extent of the damage to the smartphone, there are options available to determine this more precisely.

To do this, a white screen should be opened on the smartphone because against this background, any stiffnesses, spots, or other unusual phenomena can be seen particularly well. The same test should then be carried out again with a black experience.

If there are no unusual phenomena, such as glowing points, to be found on this either, the probability is high that only the glass front of the device is damaged.

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