How To Know Who Visits My Instagram Profile


More than once, you may have asked yourself: How do I know who visits my Instagram profile? Very easy: it is impossible.

Seriously, you can’t.

From time to time, you will have come across tricks or applications that promise to answer knowing “who visits my Instagram profile,” but it is all false.

Can’t Tell Who Visits Your Instagram Profile

Anyone can do it if you have a public profile, and it is not reflected anywhere.

Only people you have previously approved can see your profile if you have a private profile. That way, you can know who are the only ones who can visit your profile, but you will not be able to know who does it ten times a day or who never does it.

Knowing this, what about all the applications that promise to give you that info?

The Truth About The Applications To Know Who Visits My Instagram Profile

SPOILER: all apps are fake and tempt you to install them. With that, they intend to collect data from your mobile or install malware.

Don’t be tempted and never use such an application.

Many of those that appear are removed from the Google Play Store quickly. The same has happened with applications from the Apple store that promised to know “who visits my Instagram profile.”

To make you think they’re useful, they claim to find out who’s visiting you using shady “algorithms” that don’t really work or don’t even exist.

Meanwhile, they ask for many permissions to spy on your mobile or install malware programs when installing.

The most inoffensive ones take the opportunity to click on advertising and earn some money before you realize that they do nothing and uninstall them.

And do not trust if they have a very high note in the application store. Most of the positive ratings are also FAKE.

The Tricks And Methods To Know Who Visits My Instagram Profile

The same happens with pages that “reveal” tricks and methods to know who visits your Instagram profile.

They are baits, and they don’t work. They are only made to enter the page and, hopefully, click on an advertising link.

We will not contribute by naming those pages or applications, but whatever you read, it is false.

The Only Way To Know Who Visits Your Instagram Profile

The only way to know who visits your profile is through the Stories and the highlights section. Instagram tells you who has been visiting your stories and what you’ve put in that featured section. However, it is not a guarantee of anything.

Many people who visit your Instagram profile, and do not want you to know, will not click on the Stories. Or they will, but using methods to see those Stories without you knowing (we explained it a long time ago).

It is also very possible that they visit your Stories because they see all the ones that they have pending, and they go through the screen automatically. But that does not necessarily mean that they have also visited your profile.

The same happens if they have used the search option and have clicked on your story because it appears when searching for a location or hashtag.

So, even in that way, it is not possible to know who visits your Instagram with certainty.

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