How To Promote Your Golf Course In 4 Easy Steps

Golf Course

If there’s an evergreen question, it’s got to be. “What should we do today?” People more often than not spend hours mulling over how to spend their spare time, growing tired of the same old dining out and movies. And that’s where your golf course comes in!

Not only are golf courses still a breath of fresh air, but they’re also a great way to spend time outdoors while engaging in a fun activity. But with rising competition and a growing number of entertainment opportunities, simply having a stellar golf course is not going to cut it – instead, you need to employ marketing tactics to reel in your customers!

Here’s how you can use promotions strategies to market your golf course:

1) Go For Paid Advertisement

While organic advertisement methods such as social media marketing and email campaigns are effective in their own right, there’s little that can match the reach and conversion rates linked to paid advertisement.

Not only does paid marketing such as Google Ads give you the freedom to choose your target market across a wide number of demographic markers, but it also lets you carry out in-depth performance analysis, letting you track where improvements are needed.

Be sure to pair your advertisements with attractive visuals outlining your golf course and copy that is rich with high-performing keywords to really maximize your customer reach and build a brand identity.

2) Invest In Rack Cards

Rack cards are great for advertisement purposes. Not only does their compact size make them easy to absorb information from, but they also have a high engagement rate, letting your marketing efforts be viewed by a wider audience.

To make things easier for yourself, you can design rack cards with PosterMyWall’s range of rack card templates. Simply pick a design you like, customize it to fit your golf course’s aesthetic, and print away! Not only can you do all this for free, but PosterMyWall’s user-friendly UI also makes the whole experience that much better! Once your designing is done, make sure to populate your rack card with relevant information about your golf course and to advertise any special deals that are going on.

3) Build A Website!

Setting up your company website – be it any company – is like a milestone achievement that transports you into the world of professional business. And the same holds true for your golf course! 

Not only will a website give your customers a go-to place to get any and all information on your golf course, but it’ll also propel you into new target markets through search results. Be sure to include SEO-optimized blogs that will help your website rank higher on search engine results and bring in new customers, as well as to include those same keywords on your website’s homepage and ‘About’ page.

And of course, don’t forget to add a gallery and a services page so your website visitors can see exactly what your golf course is like and what charges are associated with it. Remember, the clearer you are about your offerings, the more aligned your customers are likely to be.

4) Onboard An Influencer

If there’s a relatively new profession that’s brought businesses some serious clientele, it’s the influencer industry. Nowadays, people mimic influencer lifestyles from the clothes they wear to the food they eat to the places that they go to. And getting an influencer to market your golf course will surely bring a hoard of their loyal followers to your business.

Make sure to select an influencer that has a following matching your target customer base, and to set up a mutually beneficial partnership. You can invite the influencer to spend a day at your golf course, give them monetary compensation, create a special promo code for their followers, and give them free membership to your services in return for feed and story posts advertising your golf course.

Soon, you’ll have more customers than you imagined!

So, if you’re looking to promote your golf course through marketing, then these promotion strategies are your go-to! Just make sure to adjust and edit according to your golf course’s branding – this is where your creativity will be required – and to let your brand shine through. Happy golfing!

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