What’s In The Antivirus Solution Defender For Endpoints?

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Since we dealt with Microsoft Defender as virus protection for private individuals in the first article, the second part will now deal with Microsoft Defender for endpoints. Microsoft’s endpoint security solution provides secure protection for corporate IT networks of all kinds. In this blog article, we take a closer look at what Microsoft Defender for endpoints makes possible and how reliable this solution is.

Modern IT infrastructure is very complex. This is made up of a large number of end devices – both stationary and mobile devices. In addition, there are different users with very different IT inclinations and the whole thing is also combined with many different applications, which are local or cloud-based.

Even experienced users sometimes find it difficult to distinguish a fake DHL parcel notification, which is phishing, from a real one. With increasingly modern techniques, attackers try to intercept login details in order to get into data networks. Once this has been successful, attacks have recently been directed against partners and colleagues. This means: e-mails are sent from the hacked e-mail account of the person concerned to other people in the organization in order to intercept further access data or confidential information – which unfortunately is much more successful than the usual phishing e-mails, which are said to come from banks, cloud services, shipping service providers and the like.

What Exactly Does The Endpoint Security Solution Defender For Endpoint Do?

The Windows Defender as a free and fully integrated solution in Windows 10 and Windows 11 is a proven and widely used computer software for antivirus, phishing protection, device security and behavior analysis. Microsoft Defender for Endpoint goes one step further: As part of Microsoft 365, the endpoint solution by no means just offers a comprehensive security solution for all connected end devices in a network, but also preventive protection, which can be ensured by millions of networked systems that understand and understand each other in this way ensure the best possible protection. Put simply, the solution supports companies in blocking real attacks as quickly as possible,

Defender for Endpoint is cloud-based, so it can be deployed as a SaaS solution over the web and doesn’t require any infrastructure deployment. In this way, there can be no compatibility problems with updates and all devices are always automatically up to date.

Like several Microsoft products, Defender for Endpoint is easy to deploy, configure, and administer. With the Defender for Endpoint, immense endpoint security can be ensured for all clients, servers, mobile devices and network devices integrated in the corporate network. It is recommended in order to implement a corresponding security management in the entire company and to guarantee it in the long term.

Incidentally, the Microsoft Defender for endpoints does not only provide endpoint security for Windows devices, but also for end devices running under macOS, Linux, Android or iOS as well as for network devices. This is an enormously relevant factor for business practice, because all end devices can actually be connected and an extensive security network can be created.

Security For Your IT Network: With Microsoft Defender For Endpoints

The motto of Defender for Endpoint is: “Threats do not necessarily have to become a problem”. Microsoft’s requirement is to provide the best possible protection against attacks using integrated artificial intelligence, which is based on a threat intelligence that is unique in the industry – admittedly an ambitious and important goal.

This Endpoint Security Solution “Microsoft Defender For Endpoints” Has The Following Functions, Among Others:

  • Comprehensive endpoint security for devices running Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, iOS and across the network
  • Protection against viruses, spam and malware for the entire network
  • Antivirus functions in emails and all files managed via Microsoft Teams, Microsoft OneDrive or Microsoft SharePoint
  • Automatic detection as well as analysis and evaluation options for unusual user behavior and unusual activities on computers and in the network
  • Protection of user identities and passwords

Beyond that, the solution provides a central platform for analysis and assessment, such as risk-based management and assessment of security risks. Defender’s endpoint solution is also able to automatically detect unmanaged and unauthorized endpoints and network devices, eliminating “blind spots” in the IT infrastructure.

You don’t have an endpoint solution in use yet? We are happy to assess whether Microsoft Defender for Endpoint can be an option for you. As a customer, we not only support you with the deployment if you wish, but also with the needs-based setting as well as adaptation and automation of your network security solution. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about Microsoft Defender for Endpoint or antivirus solutions in general.

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