Biometric Voice Security, Better Than A Security PIN


According to a survey, 90% of users would agree to change their common passwords or security questions for biometric authentication security solutions. The company has produced several reports to study this topic to allow them to draw conclusive conclusions.

The results obtained in different surveys to measure attitudes and preferences regarding authentication methods to access accounts and interact with customer service services suggest increasing frustration among consumers.

Consumers are overwhelmed by multiple PIN codes, passwords, and security questions. These types of questions are considered intrusive and a waste of time. What is considered within the industry as “knowledge-based” authentication can lead to even more frustration when the customer cannot recall responses such as “What is the name of your favorite pet?” or “What was the name of your best childhood friend?”

In fact, according to one of the surveys, 85% of users are dissatisfied with current authentication methods, and 90% are willing to use voice biometric security solutions instead if they offer the same levels of security.

In a connected world, with millions of people permanently accessing their personal information from many devices, although security is essential, user comfort also becomes a key aspect.

The biometric security solutions Voice identify each footprint thanks to its unique voice and make the user’s authentication process faster and easier. Companies can use biometric voice solutions to improve the user experience through different channels, including the web, the mobile channel, and IVR (interactive voice response), providing significant cost savings.

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