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The customer service department in a company is one of the most important services of the same. Through this division, most of the interactions between users and the organization take place.

Therefore, it is essential to take maximum care of it and pay special attention when investing in it. Efforts must be directed both to human resources and the equipment necessary for its correct and efficient operation.

The virtual switchboard is one of the most important tools in this department since it offers a series of benefits that would be unthinkable to achieve with a switchboard based on traditional telephony.

A virtual switchboard is a system based on VoIP telephony, whose main characteristic is that your accommodation finds the cloud. This property makes call management faster, more efficient, and at a much lower cost for the daily tasks with clients that are developed in the company.

Ten Benefits Of The Cloud PBX

As we have indicated, there are multiple advantages that this type of system brings to companies, regardless of their size, the sector in which they operate, and the products or services they offer. These are the most important:

Savings and scalability: its start-up is extremely simple and fast since it does not require installation, which means enormous cost savings. In addition, being located in the cloud, it does not take up space on the company’s servers, so it is not necessary to expand them at any time.

Likewise, the costs of calls are lower than those of traditional telephony, and it offers additional services such as international calls without any charge.

Another great advantage of the virtual switchboard is that it is extremely flexible. This means that we can adapt it to the company’s specific needs, without any inconvenience, and simply. The cost of this extra customization is minimal, and we can decide if we need more services in certain periods with higher work peaks, or on the contrary, reduce its functions at times when the flow is lower.

Speed: the virtual switchboard takes advantage of all the advantages of Cloud Computing, and one of them is the speed when transmitting data and the immediacy when we need to access them.

Ease of installation: as we have already said, using a virtual PBX lacks physical installation. To start operating with it, we only need a device connected to the internet, a VoIP provider, and a headset that we will connect to the device.

Ease of configuration: in the same way that the installation of the virtual PBX is very simple, the configuration does not require much time, nor does it require a great cost. The VoIP provider will advise us on the best software and plans that best suit our company’s needs. This will also be responsible for carrying out the configuration based on these parameters without the company managers taking any action.

Permanent availability: it is the main benefit of Cloud Computing. We can access and manage the virtual switchboard from anywhere in the world. In addition, all agents will always have access to the same information, even if the office location where they are working is not the same.

Greater security: one of the most important advantages for the company is the added security that Cloud Computing offers. The vulnerability of physical support is eliminated, and in addition, all the standards used in this matter by companies in the sector are highly reliable, avoiding as much as possible data leaks or cracks that may cause loss or unauthorized access to information.

Minimal maintenance: in addition to the preventive maintenance tasks that the VoIP provider will carry out, the virtual PBX does not require additional care. It will be enough to have customer service in case a problem arises the monitoring does not detect that carried out by the provider.

Almost unlimited space: the cloud switchboard does not take up space on the company’s servers, so the storage space will be as large as we need, with a minimum investment and a capacity that can also be adapted when we see fit.

Universality: This characteristic of this type of switchboard allows calls from anywhere in the world. In addition, it is possible to have several extensions, both fixed and mobile.

More applications: finally, the virtual switchboard offers a series of applications that would be unthinkable with a switchboard based on traditional telephony. The most noteworthy and useful are the collection of call data, both issued and received, or the possibility of including other extra technologies, such as IVR or artificial intelligence. These integrations will maximize the functions of the switchboard, providing it with very useful services and effective in terms of customer service and loyalty.

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