Different Categories Of Roulette


If you are new to roulette, the games might look a little difficult at first. You see 36 squares on a table layout with half of them being red and the other half being black. You know you have to place bets on a table with chips but the options can be overwhelming. It gets even more confusing when you are not sure what type of roulette you are playing. Since roulette players operate under the same rules, the only thing that differentiates them is the table layout. In this article, we want to explain the different types of roulette and how you can choose the one that gives you an advantage.

What Are The Different Types of Roulette? European Roulette

European roulette happens to be the most common form of roulette for both online and ground casinos. This is because European roulette has the lowest house edge and highest possibility of winning. The European roulette table has the standard 36 numbers divided into 12 columns. On top of these columns is a single, green zero that gives the casino the house edge. If you play number bets, your odds will be 36 to 1 instead of 35 to 1. Even when you play color bets and you pace a chip on the green zero, it will still be counted against you if the white ball falls on the zero. 

American Roulette

The American roulette table is significantly bigger than other types of roulette tables. However, this is not the major feature that separates it from other types of roulette. While European roulette only has one segment, American roulette has two. This significantly increases the house edge and makes it worse for the player. This means your odds of hitting a particular number are now 37 to 1 and this constitutes a major disadvantage. The order of numbers on an American roulette table is ordered differently.

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French Roulette

French Roulette is quite similar to European roulette. It has only one green segment and the rules of the game are almost the same. The major difference is the 50/50 bets. In the case of European roulette, you lose your bet if it falls in the green segment. However, if you play odd/even or colored bets in French roulette, you do not have to lose your bet.

Triple Zero Roulette

The triple zero roulette is not very popular because the odds are strongly against the player. There are three green segments on this table and your chances of winning are 38 to 1. This is significantly lower than other types of roulettes and it is mainly used by casino charities.


Roulette happens to be one of the oldest and most common casino games today. If you are a regular casino visitor, it is important you know the different types of roulette so you can easily know which one works for you and which one doesn’t. This article has shown you the different types of roulette tables and the knowledge will prove useful when next you step into a casino.

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