Work Plan For Digital Transformation In The Company

Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation in the company is not a process of implementing digital technologies, nor is it about setting up an online store.

Digital Transformation is a process of change that must occur first in the Company’s Culture and then be transferred to the different areas of action. It is presented as an opportunity to develop new techniques and skills that help us improve our competitive advantage in the market.

As it has to do with culture, the first step should be the team of people that make up the organization. If our collaborators understand and adopt the Digital Transformation model, they will be part of our drive to produce change, first in our organization and then outside.

When implementing an action plan, the first step is to set up a small and agile work team, led by the CEO, that is capable of developing the model, experimenting with the tools and validating the appropriate changes for the company. Organization.

In addition to driving the change towards TD, this team will then be in charge of transferring it to the rest of the organization.

In all companies, there are people more oriented towards change and new technologies, who usually have an “Early-Adopter” profile and who are willing to dedicate part of their time to testing and validating new models.

If we try to involve the entire organization at once, we run the risk of failing almost before we have even started.

A small, agile team can more easily navigate uncertainty (while the company remains focused on its current model), testing alternatives, experimenting with tools, and documenting all possibilities.
Once a viable Digital Transformation model is proposed, a second phase is launched aimed at extending it from the Company Culture to the entire organization.

The Action Plan

In addition to selecting an appropriate work team, the action plan to implement Digital Transformation in the company should include:

  • Analysis of the advantages it will bring to the organization.
  • Establishment of the keys for the process.
  • Clear definition of the objectives of Digital Transformation.

The Advantages Of Digital Transformation

  • New customer experiences
  • Improvements in operational efficiency
  • Generation of new sources of income
  • Greater capacity to respond to market changes
  • Increased competitive advantage
  • Promotion of the culture of innovation within the organization
  • Improvements in internal collaboration
  • Growth of data analytics

The Keys

The keys to putting it into practice come from the need for it to be a process compatible with the activity of the entire organization. The aim is not to make a disruptive change but rather that the concept be integrated naturally at all levels of the company.

These could be some of the decisive elements:

  • Identify digital talent. With the aim of making the most of it.
  • Make clear from the beginning the improvements to be made.
  • Appropriately manage change. It shouldn’t be traumatic.
  • Define realistic objectives.
  • Select the appropriate technology.
  • Carry out a transversal digitization.
  • Clarity in the digital strategy.
  • Maintain and enhance the physical-digital binomial.
  • Properly manage the possible generational clash.
  • Regarding the development of the project, you can act in three main axes:

The Customer Experience

We seek to know our customers better, clearly identify their life cycle, increase revenue and open different communication channels with them.

Operational Processes

We focus on the digitization of processes, the training of team members and performance management.

Business Models

We must assess how digitalization affects and modifies our current business model and develop new ones.

We should remember that organizations are made up of people and that the most essential thing in change processes is to work with and for people. The Digital Transformation must be approached in such a way that it is welcomed with enthusiasm by the team and seen as a new opportunity to improve our competitiveness in a market that is constantly changing.

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