5 Reasons Why Outsource Document Management

Outsource Document Management

Information is a precious commodity for any company. Hence, outsourcing its document management is, more than a recommendation, a mandatory action in order to safeguard its security, integrity and conservation.

Especially when we consider the physical and digital risks they are exposed to on a daily basis and the increasing development of stricter data protection laws around the world.

What Is Document Management?

Implementing strategies, tools, and methodologies that contribute to a company’s innovation goes beyond modernizing equipment.

For example, the outsourcing of document management is a service with direct repercussions on its operation, security and costs. We could define it as a service that captures, organizes, stores and preserves a company’s information.

Invoices, contracts, supplier or customer databases, reports, histories, records… Any type of documentation that is recorded, received, generated, or sent must be correctly filed.

However, this is not always the case due to lack of time and means, and this is where the importance of outsourcing lies.

Advantages Of Outsourcing Your Company’s Document Management

Greater Control Over Files

Outsourcing makes it easier for companies to have greater control over files that, otherwise, are very complicated and expensive to obtain. Especially when the volume of data begins to be considerable.
In addition, it also allows you to establish access criteria for certain files and a traceability record of the people who have been in contact with or possession of any document.

All so that our clients can have the peace of mind that their information is in the best hands at all times.

Protection Against Any Incident Or Theft

Linked to the previous point, outsourcing data management is another way to protect ourselves against any incident such as a fire, flood or theft.

It is difficult for an SME and even a large organization to have protection measures that guarantee the physical security of documentation. Having an alarm, fire detection, and extinguishing or surveillance systems is not always enough.

If we compare internal storage with that carried out in a center built specifically to offer document protection and custody service, the differences are evident.

Quick Access To Documentation

Linked to greater control of documentation, outsourcing file management makes it easier to have quick access to any information.

Thus, we avoid the chaos and loss of time involved in searching for a lost or poorly filed document. Imagine, for example, a patient’s medical history or the deeds to a property. They are generally not requested frequently, but when they are required, they are often urgently needed.

If each report is correctly coded in a database, a few minutes will be enough to locate it, register its output and send it to the person who requested it both physically and digitally, depending on the contracted service.

Storage Cost Savings

Saving costs is a present objective in any organization. In this case, outsourcing file management allows you to reduce associated expenses.

For example, you avoid having to rent space to store files or buy security devices for their protection.
By outsourcing, all these concerns are resolved, and we can allocate that budget or space to other purposes, such as creating rest or leisure areas for employees, meeting rooms, training rooms, etc.

Ensures The Security Of Company And Customer Information

As we noted at the beginning, information is a precious commodity and improper use can cost anything from a significant sum of money to the reputation and prestige of the company involved.

Faced with this, outsourcing guarantees the preservation of the documentation but also manages the maximum time allocated for its conservation. Once passed, the company has the obligation to carry out confidential destruction.

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