The Challenges Of The Digital Transformation Of SMEs

Digital transformation

Digital transformation represents a great growth opportunity for SMEs and, at the same time, overcoming very specific challenges to consolidate their progress. In this sense, Vodafone offers its customers a wide portfolio of state-of-the-art connectivity services and tools . Likewise, it offers the support of specialists and authorized distributors, such as RedNew, with a high professional level.

Cultural Change: The Main Challenge For Digital Transformation

As we anticipated above, the first challenge for SMEs facing digital transformation is to establish a corporate culture adapted to the new reality. Indeed, it is not just about incorporating cutting-edge technology into processes . Also, it is necessary to change the perception of employees and managers about the real scope of the new tools available.

Seen in this way, we must understand digitization as an opportunity to modify the work routine and promote the learning of new skills and functions. In the same way, it is essential to guide this change towards customer satisfaction , an aspect that continues to increase its relevance in the competitiveness of brands.

Digital Transformation To Get More Benefits From Data

Indeed, companies that base their decisions on the data generated by their activities compete more advantageously in the market. Therefore, small and medium-sized companies must understand that the management of huge amounts of information allows them to anticipate the needs of customers. Consequently, Big Data and predictive analytics tools can take a modest firm to the Business Intelligence level.

Digital Transformation To Store Data And Work As A Team

The exchange and analysis of data in huge quantities, as well as the IT services that companies manage, require efficient hosting platforms in the cloud. Likewise, every day more companies need to manage remote work groups, while handling information and files of considerable volume.

Guarantee The Supply Chain And Control Assets

SMEs cannot afford failures in their inventory of raw materials or in the distribution of final products. On the other hand, for commercial establishments such as restaurants, supermarkets and bakeries, it is vital to keep track of the maintenance of refrigeration equipment and other assets.

Digital Transformation With Vodafone IoT Solutions

With Vodafone’s Internet of Things and machine-to-machine platforms , it is possible to control the aforementioned aspects and more. In this order of ideas, the pioneer company in 5G connection in Spain has:

  • Sensors and satellites. Instruments with dedicated purposes, capable of capturing data of various variables and taking pictures from satellites.
  • Conversion to intelligent machines. With Vodafone’s IoT solutions, it is feasible for vending machines and refrigeration equipment to generate data on their location and operating conditions and product stock. Thanks to this, it is possible to take timely maintenance measures.
  • remote devices. With instruments such as the Vodafone Global IoT SIM card , it is easy to control a large number of assets located in various parts of the world.

Cybersecurity For A Risk-Free Digital Transformation

Undoubtedly, one of the most relevant challenges for companies that undertake digital transformation , regardless of their size, is the protection of the information obtained and managed through the network.

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