Office 365, Applications And Professional Mail For Companies

Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft Office 365 is one of the preferred options for many companies to manage their workgroups and projects online. Likewise, it is one of the most used alternatives to share and store files in the cloud. In fact, this pack of applications combines the functions of the office suite -with its recognized tools: Word, Excel, etc.- and an adjustable capacity to store documents.

What Is Office 365?

Specifically, Office 365 is Microsoft’s solution for working in the cloud with Office tools, including: Word , Outlook , PowerPoint and Excel . In other words, it is what we know as an office suite or set of applications that allows us to work with different types of documents and files.

A Complete Document Management System

As we said, the difference is in the online condition of Office 365 , which makes it possible to share and monitor projects, without cluttering each user’s terminal with documents. In this sense, being able to store large amounts of files in the cloud makes this suite one of the best document management options . That is, to function as a system capable of managing the flow of files generated by a company, giving them an accessible location for the staff.

Why Have A Document Management System Like Office 365?

Obviously, the advantages discussed above represent a solution to the growing amounts of information created and managed by organizations today. Therefore, it is essential to organize such data and store it on a reliable platform. But, there is more:

Centralized Location

Basically, document management systems like the one built into Office 365 , sort and store all the documents generated during daily work in a central location. According to this, the company decides with which collaborators the information is shared. Likewise, accessibility allows you to return to work more quickly.

Collaborative Work And Monitoring

At its core, teamwork requires input from each team member. Consequently, the possibility of sharing documents for evaluation and improvement by collaborators is essential. In the same way, the accessibility of the files by those responsible or managers allows monitoring the status of the projects.

The Advantage Of Office 365 Compared To On-Premises Systems

In short, Microsoft launched Office 365 in 2011, to replace the Microsoft Business Productivity Online Suite , which already allowed you to use your office suite online. In doing so, it perfected its alternative to on-premises systems . That is, those installed locally on each computer and on the internal business network.

Support For Collaborative And Remote Work

Surely the custom of including the on premise system in new desktop computers will continue for some time. However, online management packages such as Office 365 facilitate teamwork and remote work through the mobile devices of collaborators. Then, the members of the group will not need to store the company’s projects in their terminals and will take better advantage of the capacity of their teams. For this reason, the natural tendency will be to drift more and more towards cloud application systems such as those offered by the Microsoft suite.

These Are The Features Of Office 365

Next, we will present the general functions and services offered by this suite for companies. Together, all of them are characteristics that make it an excellent tool for collaborative work:

  • Available on mobile apps . Indeed, users can access through applications compatible with Android, iOS and Windows Phone.
  • Integrated professional email . There is a platform that provides exclusive professional mail for each company through Outlook , with its own domain (@name of the company). Furthermore, it has 50 GB of mailbox capacity and is connected to both the calendar and the office suite.
  • Video calls via Skype for Business . Enterprise plans can take advantage of this functionality to interact or present remote projects and reports in real time.
  • Easy integration with more advanced Microsoft orchestration platforms. Specifically, we are talking about Azure , SharePoint or Exchange.
  • Hosting for the website . Included in some plans.
  • Active Directory support . In this sense, the suite can be integrated into this data and document security and authentication service of Microsoft.

Automatic backup . This Microsoft pack provides backups for files made in the on-premises version.

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