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With the changes facing society and the entire world, careers and jobs must also change. The labor market must adapt to current changes related to technology and globalization by creating new jobs that adapt to today’s world and people.

More and more people are opting for freelance work or telecommuting, a modality that allows self-management and working from your own home. This type of work can be adapted to different professions thanks to the digital world’s connectivity.

Suppose you are interested in this new professional path. In that case, we invite you to know in-depth the most common options and all the advantages and disadvantages of this modality to fully understand it and decide if it is the right path for you.

What Can I Do From Home?

Positions that allow you to work from home can be completed remotely, generally producing work from the computer. Nowadays, everything goes through the screens and technology will also help you get your next job position.

Jobs that require delivery of a digital text are recurrent, such as the work of writers or translators, for example. While both require a knowledge of grammar or languages, they are jobs that can be done from home comfort. As for writers, the spectrum is huge; you can choose the topics that you like the most to collaborate in different digital media and specialized blogs.

Another option is to deliver a digital product, which occurs in graphic, interior, and web designers, among others. These careers allow remote work since you work on projects, having several clients at the same time. For any of these positions, you will need to know each area and communicate through emails or calls with your clients, and you can apply through pages such as Upwork.

There are multiple jobs for the designer that can be done remotely, from the design of banners, flyers, and cards for advertising campaigns to the development of complete websites; or in the field of 3D design and interior design work in kitchen designs. Graphic design, interior design, 3D design, and web design are sectors in which more professionals are needed every day, and in many cases, they work remotely.

There are also service positions in the teleworking modality, such as customer service, virtual assistant, or teacher. These three jobs can be done from your home, but you need to contact another person to do them. More and more websites such as Skillshare are emerging to create a course on various topics and sell it. If you are an expert on a topic that is in demand, you can become an online teacher.

If you love social networks and the web world, jobs as a community manager or programmer may be ideal for you. Currently, all companies have an online presence, but that does not mean they have time to run their networks and web pages. You can help them with this remotely, keeping the brand’s digital communications up to date.

With the Internet, you can turn your passion into your work through social media. More and more people are becoming social communicators through blogs, Instagram, and YouTube. While it is a feasible career path, it is an undertaking that takes time to bear fruit.

If you are a professional in a specific sector and you think you can help others, you can become a consultant who offers professional opinions on other projects. There are image, finance, and communication consultants, among others. For this type of work, in addition to adequate training, you must have the experience to be able to provide quality advice.

You can sell your talents in the form of services too. For example, suppose you have a great voice. In that case, you can work making songs, advertisements, dialogues, or audiobooks for different clients, as well as you can sell art or illustrations on demand through pages like Fiverr or Society6.

Take advantage of the growth of online shopping by becoming an Internet seller. You can resell collectibles, for example, or authentically create your products. Research the market and venture into an area that interests you. You will surely find an interesting niche.

Advantages Over Freelance Work

We have already mentioned that the freelance work modality grants many freedoms and possibilities to improve the quality of life. But not having a fixed schedule and an office can bring many more advantages than you imagined.

You can forget about traffic and public transport, working from home you should not travel anywhere during rush hour, and you will save both time and money. In addition, you can dress as you want. You no longer have to respect dress codes or wear clothes perfectly ironed.

The flexible hours and self-management of the workload allow you to adapt it to your personal needs each month and make time for what matters. If you have small children, teleworking gives you the possibility of having more contact with them and never missing a single extra-school activity.

It is also very likely that you will notice an improvement in health if you decide to switch to this modality since you do not expose yourself to stressful situations in the work environment. In addition, you have the possibility of eating healthier by being at home and taking the time to exercise.

The Downside Of Working From Home

All work situations have their positive and negative sides, so we want you to see both sides of the coin to evaluate if this modality is feasible for you. Certain personality traits, such as discipline and organization, are very necessary for this type of job.

Being at home, there are greater distractions, such as housework or other things to do. You should be able to focus on work before anything else. It is also common to feel lonely and bored, but if your finances allow it, you can work in a cafe, a coworking place or get together with other freelance colleagues to motivate yourself.

A big disadvantage of working from home is not separating your personal life from your work life. Likely, you do not know when to stop working, you do not have entry hours but exit hours, and it can be very easy to get carried away and end up having all your meals in front of the computer. Ideally, you should dedicate a space in the house that you use only for work so that each activity has its place.

What Do You Need To Get Started?

The most important thing is the predisposition to enter this new lifestyle and, above all, perseverance and patience. Building your career path is not something that is done overnight. For most jobs, you will only need a computer and an Internet connection, but make sure you have all the necessary tools for the job of your choice.

Start looking for work on different online platforms, both traditional and exclusive freelance work. When applying, it is better to attach a portfolio, which you can create on social networks such as Linkedin, Behance, or create your WordPress page to put your best work. An online portfolio will be more attractive to potential clients and will make you stand out from the crowd.

Dedicate a special area of ​​the house and set your work days and hours. This way, you can have the working hours marked and establish a work rhythm. This also facilitates the separation of work and personal life. Working from home does not mean being all the time, so you must respect your hours.

Finally, stay up to date on the legal obligations that you must meet to work from home, paying the corresponding taxes in your country. Do not forget that it is still a job that must protect you and ensure your future, even from home.

A New Career Path

Like any new path, freelance work takes some training time. The most recommended thing if you want to start this path is to do it while you still have some fixed income, to be able to grow gradually without losing the quality of life. It is also a great option for students who need an income that meets their academic needs.

But always keep in mind: it is never too late to start a new way of life, and working online is the professional choice of more and more people around the world. Do not be afraid to bet on another lifestyle and win more time for yourself.

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