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If you are a gamer, or you are entering the world, we explain what is the best internet speed to play online and not get hung up on your games.

Enjoy a more stable and uninterrupted gaming experience, whatever your console.

What Is My Internet Speed?

First of all, and in case you didn’t know, we tell you that the quality of the Internet connection is not only measured by the download speed but also by the upload speed . And the latter has improved a lot in recent times thanks to factors such as latency or ping. This factor is not usually taken into account too much, but it is vital in addition to knowing how many megabytes you need to play online.

Latency And Ping, Aspects To Take Into Account When Playing Online

Latency is the time it takes for a packet to be transmitted within a network (said more simply, it is the delay) and the ping is the measure used to measure latency. In short, to have a good Internet connection, both latency and ping must be low.

And where do we see this data? To find out the latency and ping of your network, you can perform Internet speed tests and so you will know before starting an online game if the speed you receive is the contracted one. Thanks to our speed test you have at the reach of a click to know what real connection you currently have and your bandwidth.

How Many Megabytes Do I Need To Play Online?

And once these concepts are clear, we inform you that the minimum recommended Internet speed to play online is 100Mbps. Below that, we cannot assure you that you can play online without any problem.

Best Internet Gaming: What Latency Is Recommended To Play Online

As for latency, the recommended minimum is about 50-60 Ms to be able to play correctly, without delays. Try to keep the ping as low as possible so that there are no problems playing with other users, installing updates, loading worlds, etc.

Other Factors To Know How Many Megabytes You Need To Play Online

Other factors that you should take into account to calculate your necessary speed would be the following:

  • Video game type: heavier or more ‘light’  
  • Number of connected devices at home  
  • Console type. A PS4 is not the same as a smartphone  

The speed you need will depend especially on the type of video games you use, and some more “demanding” consoles.

For example, the megabytes needed to play PS4 online are generally at least 50 Mbps download and 5 Mbps upload, which is the minimum connection that companies usually offer.

But if you are going to play multiplayer online games that require heavier worlds and graphics, such as Counter Strike or GTA V online, a good speed to avoid problems will be 100 Mbps and up.

Other factors must also be taken into account when it comes to knowing what speed you need to play online, such as the number of devices you have at home connected at the same time, since if there are many, it can slow down your signal and you will need a higher speed, such as 300Mbps or 600Mbps.

The Best Internet For Gamers, What Is It?

After what we have seen previously, it can be said that an optimal speed to play online is 300 Mb, to be able to do it comfortably, without connection cuts or lag.

If you want the best internet for gamers, who are very regular, live with more people, do very heavy downloads and play demanding online video games and like to have everything at the highest quality… your speed is 600Mb fiber.

What Does It Mean To Have 300 Mb Of Fiber?

Having 300 Mb of fiber means that the connection is capable of transmitting 300 Mbps, that is, 300 megabits per second. With it, you will be able to connect between 4 and 7 devices without noticing that their speed slows down.

What Does It Mean To Have 600 Mb Of Fiber?

In turn, the 600Mb is capable of transmitting 600 megabits per second. It is a great speed for gaming (and for everything in general) because it is capable of transmitting more information in less time, ideal for loading graphics, worlds and downloading much faster.

What Internet Do Gamers Use?

As we anticipated, it could be said that 100 Mbps is the speed necessary to play online games, especially now that they are increasingly demanding due to the higher quality of graphics, but 300 Mb onwards is the recommended speed if you also have several devices connected to the same time or you are more people at home.

Therefore, the recommendation is to have a 300Mb connection to have a good gaming experience, although obviously a 600Mb connection will be even better.

Take a look at our article on how many megabytes do I need to find out if one or the other is better for you depending on the number of connected devices and your Internet activity.

Things That Slow Down Internet Speed For Gaming

Bad Coverage

Your internet speed may be slowed down when playing online due to weak coverage and instead of needing more megabytes, it is simply a problem with your access point.

Make sure that you are not too far from the router, that there are no elements that interfere with your signal and, if your house is very large or has more than one floor, consider using Wi-Fi repeaters.

Server Problems

Online video games have their own servers, to which all players connect and, at times when there are many users or due to other types of technical failures, it may be that if you experience connection problems to the game it is due to this external cause.

If the connection problem persists, some online games allow you to change servers, other times you just have to be patient until they fix the problem.

We recommend keeping the games updated, to ensure you have the latest version available, with which these types of problems are gradually optimized.

Bad Internet Speed

Of course, if you don’t have a contract or you don’t get enough internet speed, you’ll notice it in your online games. With 600 Mb you can be sure that you will not lack speed in the connection, take a look at our fiber offers.

You can complement all this information and find out how many megabytes of internet you need at home according to your use.

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