Project Manager: Who Is He And Why Do Companies Request Him?

Project Manager

Society itself, despite all the concepts and tools we have to improve the way we interact, it needs a link. Still you cannot do it successfully due to the discrepancies of ideas and opinions. This is how in many areas the figure of a leader exists. That person in charge of unifying dialogue with individuals to reach a consensus or final goal. In the business world, this figure is called project manager or project manager . Although his work and function goes much further than just maintaining group harmony.

What Is The Role Of A Project Manager?

A company usually works based on projects or goals , which must be achieved. However, these in turn create subtasks and processes which contribute to reaching that goal. The task of a project manager is to plan, coordinate and supervise each of the steps of a process.

This is how this person must create a strategy which organizes each of the steps, as well as the people involved and the necessary work tools. He must also organize the work teams by giving him the indications and guidelines of his tasks to be carried out. Which is crucial to subsequently ensure that these parameters are met and that they do not cause delays to the project.

In this way , this person is the cornerstone of a company’s achievements. Since thanks to the work of this person each of the objectives will not only be fulfilled. Rather, they will have the necessary support and supervision to fulfill them within the best conditions and periods of time.

Project Manager: Most Important Functions Of This Figure

A project manager or manager usually has several responsibilities under his/her responsibility. Since he is a figure who usually leads teams and therefore his commitment to the company’s objectives must be high. Because the purpose of this position is to do what is necessary so that the workflows do not stop.

Among the main functions of a project manager are:

  • Determine the objectives .
  • Create a process plan .
  • Coordination of tools and resources.
  • Delegate tasks to team leaders or managers.
  • Monitor tasks and progress.
  • Solve problems or provide solutions.
  • Establish and maintain relationships with third parties.
  • Make decisions before changes in planning based on achieving the final objective.

It should be noted that these functions can change or be adapted according to each company and the projects or goals they have.

What Are The Lesser Known But Highly Necessary Qualities In A Project Manager ?

Today it is common to see that certain characteristics of a project manager associated with leadership, organization and cooperation are requested in job offers. However, these are not the only characteristics that this person must have to assume the position. Because when interacting with other people and having to socialize and work in a team, you must also have the following qualities:

1. Resilience:

Whether it is for work situations on a personal level, generally a person with this position must maintain a neutral state of mind in order to make decisions . Because the future performance of the team depends on it. This is how these people must learn to control their emotions in the best way. And although it is difficult, it is also necessary since there will be days where the stress of work can be higher than other days. Which is not favorable for his personal life, much less to face work the next day.

2. Empathy:

Although it is a very predictable point, still few know how to carry it out. Being empathic is not acting and thinking based on others. It is about understanding that each worker is different and that his attitudes respond to some situation, be it joy or sadness. Therefore, the job of the project manager is to consider these factors to find solutions . Either by talking to the person, offering help or looking for alternatives to facilitate the process. Although all this must be carried out with the help of the worker(s) involved. This is how communication and honesty are essential to achieve this point.

3. Ethics:

Part of the functions of a project manager is to assume their tasks with great responsibility, since several people are involved in their charge. Still, his role and functions are very important. That is why he must take care to do each of his tasks and responsibilities well, so that they do not have consequences on the projects.

4. Critical Thinking:

A project in itself needs planning and for this, all its execution must be correctly planned. Consequently, each of the tasks must be assessed, including the number of people involved , the execution time and their difficulty. Even if they depend on third parties or other departments. To plan , you must study the available options, the factors involved and the best strategies to carry out the plan effectively.

5. Adaptability:

A professional in this area must be able to coordinate any project, or at least that is what is expected of it. However, this must be carried out through a study of the final objective and the working method of the company. Likewise, this person must adapt to the working conditions, the workers and third parties involved in the process. To later be the one to guide each one of them in the execution of the process. At this point, it is essential that the person not only be able to adapt, but also learn from her environment in order to fully understand the work scheme and improve it from her position. In the event that he is not familiar with the sector of the company.

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