5 Ultimate Offers To Generate More Leads

Generate More Leads

There are many types of offers but not all are equally good. As we have already seen, the most compelling offers are those that follow the buying cycle. And it is that value, like beauty or love, is in the eyes of the beholder: you must know the needs of your users well to give them what they are looking for in the form of an offer and thus achieve the conversion to lead, following an inbound marketing methodology.

That in terms of the decision of topics on which the content will deal. But the format also influences the success of an offer. This is nothing more than the package in which the offer is wrapped and, since it is a gift, it is worth taking care of this aspect as well. The statistics help us to know which is the format that generates the most number of leads.

Ebooks Or Guides

After the blog, it is surely the content most used by companies, but it is the one that generates the most leads. An ebook or guide is more or less extensive content whose quality information justifies downloading it in exchange for mail. You can use it to educate on a monographic topic, inform the lead about step-by-step processes or, as we do, give practical ideas that demonstrate your experience.

Templates Or Presentations

An evolution or perfect complement to the guides (sometimes they are guilty of having too much theoretical information) are the templates (100% practical): documents that the lead can fill in with their information and use as an immediate reference.

For their part, presentations tend to be even more visual than eBooks and, generally, with less information. They can also serve as a summary of processes given their linearity and that they are similar to the screens of any lecturer. SlideShare is full of them.

Reports And Investigations

In B2B sectors, reports resulting from market research and research that proves a thesis are common formats. These are contents with data and statistics that provide reference value to other professionals, competition and even students looking for information on the state of a sector.

white Papers

White papers or white papers are often used to transmit good practices, also in B2B sectors, as in the previous case. Those of the IAB are well known as a way of establishing standards, disseminating and promoting, in this case, digital communication in Spain. Their success depends on the consensus of the sector, so it can be a risk to develop them without enough experience.

Kits Of Several Offers In One

It is normal to think that an offer is in a single piece, but several can be grouped together and thus create a kit for the lead to download a ZIP with more than one document. Although it is in the lowest position in the ranking, this option generates more leads than including a banner in the sidebar of a corporate blog.

This ranking is based on our experience with our clients, but it does not mean that you have to use all these types of offers or that they work for your company. To find out if this list matches the best formats for your offers and choose the best one for your case, we recommend that you carry out tests with several of them and then decide.

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