2022 Tech Trends

The tech trends of 2022 are now officially the topic of the month. The Valley, as a great reference in the sector, we have not been able to miss the opportunity to prepare our own forecast.

For this reason, we have made a great selection of those most disruptive trends that will undoubtedly give a lot to talk about this year, don’t be left behind!

Artificial Intelligence And Machine Learning

Could you tell what exactly Machine Learning consists of ? Experts emphasizes the importance of understanding this term well due to the strong wave that will come in this year 2022.

Its purpose is to allow machines and people to work hand in hand, with constant learning by machines in order to imitate human behavior or even predict it. This is achieved through the elaboration of the famous algorithms. Therefore, it is a field in constant evolution, where the relationship between human and machine is closer every day. So much so that Elon Musk is carrying out a project to connect an artificial intelligence system directly to the nervous system. Do you think we will see the results in 2022?

RAAS (Robots As A Service)

A key trend for this 2022 will be the RAAS (Robots as a service). In fact, he talks about the transformation from SAAS (software as a service) to RAAS.

Until now, SAAS allowed us to access entire applications in the cloud. RAAS can be integrated into the cloud, offering automation in applications and leaving the mechanical work to the robot . All this, thanks to technologies such as Big Data or Machine Learning. For this reason, Pablo Medrano is convinced that more than a trend, it will be a business model to follow this year.

Cognitive Science

It is not a new term, since it is the scientific study of the mind: perception, behavior, communication, language, etc. But during 2021, this field will experience a great boom due to the increased use of artificial intelligence and automation systems that struggle to resemble human behavior. Thanks to this science, the way we communicate with our devices will take a giant leap towards naturalness , and the mental barrier of “talking to a machine” will be broken. Finally, with all these advances, the inclusion of the voice in more elements of our daily lives is a matter of time.

Blockchain Bear Market

Experts tells us how the Blockchain speculative market may have damaged the prospects of this technology, because the ICOs (Initial Coin Offering) have ended in a speculative bubble, as has already happened with the famous Bitcoin.

Therefore, the market in this trend will be bearish during 2022. But, despite many skeptics, he believes that it will undoubtedly be the technology of the future.

STO (Security Token Offering)

Returning again with  Experts tells us how the rise of ICOs has ended up creating a bad image in this market. With the increase in this market, there have been many companies that have launched their own tokens, many of them ending up in doubt by users due to lack of transparency , dubious practices and even ending up as scams or scams.

That is why the market demands more regulations every day, giving rise to the STO (Security Token Offering) . Alex sees this new situation as a new opportunity for this technology, undoubtedly renewing interest in the sector. That is why it is considered the next great revolution after ICOs.


To start talking about this 2022 trend, Álvaro Saavedra explains this term to us. Regtech refers to that technology capable of helping to comply with the regulations that the Cloud, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning or Blockchain require for their implementation in a fintech.

Without forgetting that compliance with the regulatory framework is one of the most relevant points of the digital economy, it is also a convoluted and tedious task. Hence, the interest in these technologies is based on the great savings they entail in terms of time and costs in fintech.

Collaborative Economy Platforms

Ricardo Urías tells us how it is already a fait accompli in society. Entities such as Uber, Cabify or  RB&B, etc. have come to stay. But if we look away, we see how the collaborative economy has settled for now only in sectors such as mobility and tourism.

That is why Ricardo affirms that this trend is going to revolutionize more and more sectors . And it goes one step further. Ricardo dares to say who will be the next “victim” or “lucky one” (everything will depend on the reaction to change of the companies that make up the sector). He states that the next sector reached by this economy will be education and training . Do you think the same?

Smart Home

the smart home is no longer a futuristic vision. In fact, there are already multiple construction companies that are going to introduce home automation from 2019 in their homes. Added to  the introduction of devices such as Alexa or Siri in homes, they have made this sector explode in 2022.

Thanks to all this, we will be able to automate household tasks, optimize energy performance, improve security and greater comfort in all the spaces of our home.


Experts tells us how every day a law firm has to deal with a large part of its time in tasks that do not require a legal qualification. That is why, thanks to the digitization that is being carried out in this sector, it will end unnecessary time and cost expenses for offices.

In addition, the inclusion of technologies such as Big Data will streamline transactions and allow professionals in the sector to focus on what truly adds value and that a machine is not capable of doing, at least until now.

Finally, this model will allow us to reduce the margin of error to zero and save unnecessary transfers, and even office rentals, resulting in a better service for the client at a lower cost.

Collective Immersive Experiences

Experts tells us how every day we will see more in our daily life the use of 360º and interactive sensory experiences in which the person, without the need for glasses, can live any experience that we want.

This interesting and attractive field will create unique experiences in restaurants, museums, shops , etc. An example to get an idea of ​​what this technology brings with it and what already exists? Going to a restaurant and interacting with the table in a changing environment that will take us to other places . If you want to try something like this in person, come next February 8 to The Place , where these and many more trends come true.

Language Generation

The creation of language by a machine is one of the great challenges of this year for Pablo Gervás . Although his work has greatly progressed and his application is spreading, he still faces great difficulties.

The great challenge above all is to achieve a technology that manages to transmit something in particular . Despite this, major investigations are still underway, closing 2021 with great progress. Will it be the year in which we can read a book written by a robot?

Social E-commerce

Although social ecommerce has been a success in 2018, this year it will continue to pick up and generate high income.

The influence of social networks such as Instagram (especially with Instagram Shopping) and 21Buttons has made us access online stores through this channel instead of doing it directly from the app or website of the brand itself.

the success of this modality is due to the reduction of steps in the purchase process . In addition, the functionality of the labeling in these two RRSS provides the user with quick information, which encourages impulse buying.

Another important point for the success of social ecommerce is undoubtedly the actions with Influencers. Thanks to its publications on both networks, it is possible to go directly to the product file with one click.

It is for these reasons that it seems that 2022 will continue the trend and that it will even continue to be refined.

Machine Learning + Smart Speakers

Smart Speakers are devices capable of obtaining an immense source of data about customers and users , such as what information they are looking for or in what context. This will allow a more contextual understanding of the behavior and profile of each client.

By combining these speakers with Machine Learning and other more complex artificial intelligence models, such as neural networks, we will be able to analyze the data effectively. For the client, it will result in a better UX (user experience) and for the company, a better brand vision and possible increase in profits.

We are not only talking about Google or Amazon, but about applications that can be installed on Smart Speakers that will be used by SMEs and Startups.

5G Connection

As soon as the 5G pilots begin to be implemented in 2022, it will be the great revolution that will allow him to take full advantage of other technologies such as VR, AR, IoT and voice assistants.

That is why, thanks to 5G, these technologies will begin to be installed in homes and their use will begin to become widespread, thus being able to get the most out of it, improving utility and user experience.

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