Why We Should Shop Online On Black Friday

Black Friday

Not only are Americans freaking out on Black Friday, And we are right in the middle of the discount battle, but above all on the Internet. Why do we shop online on Black Friday 2021?

In the past, when I felt I had more time, I always made up my mind to get all the Christmas presents before the first Advent so as not to let the hectic pace arise. That even worked sometimes, but it was a long time ago. I’ve usually been a tad later in the last few years, but I buy a lot of gifts as early as the end of November when there are big discounts with Black Friday and the accompanying discount weeks.

Shop Online On Black Friday: The Largest Selection

It’s not just about technology, although I like to hit new gadgets. Almost everyone is involved: there are bargains on the Internet every day, but never as concentrated as Black Friday. Anyone who runs an online shop is usually there with discounts on this day. Cruises, sportswear, or winter tires can also be dusted off cheaply.

It looks a little different offline. It is true that large chains, in particular, are also joining the Black Friday madness with local offers, but not every shop is taking part. A small café around the corner from me is an exception and offers a 50 percent discount on coffee drinks without milk, i.e., everything that is served “black.” I like to take that with me and put a little more tip on top for the funny idea.

Online Shopping Is Easier – Even On Black Friday

Shopping on the side: I’m not a big fan of long shopping trips. Whether this is a typical man or not, I don’t care a lot, and I don’t want to open a barrel. But spending a Saturday in the crowded city center is just as entertaining for me as my tax return. Now the tax return has to be simple and shopping, but I prefer the online variant for both things.

On Black Friday, I like that I can, of course, shop online on the side, for example, in the morning before work, during the break, on the way to sports, or in the evening on the sofa. I don’t have to be based on opening times, I save my arrival and departure times, and I don’t have to worry about a deal. I use the time saved for more fun things than shopping.

Black Friday Lasts Longer Than A Day Online

Save longer: Black Friday is the central anchor for deals and the most famous shopping event. But even if you don’t have time to shop that day, the best offers aren’t all suddenly gone.

Online trading not only delivers discounts on the reference date but also on the days before and after. In addition to “Black Friday,” Cyber ​​Monday or an entire Black Week have now emerged. So you can benefit from reduced prices for longer and buy the products on offer over several days.

Compare Prices Online, Even On Black Friday

Find real bargains: What works great online is a price comparison. Not everything that is sold on Black Friday and around it is a bargain. But you can save well, even if not 90 percent everywhere. On average, the mydealz platform determined savings of around 39 percent.

Of course, you can also pull out your mobile phone in local shops, start a price comparison and then start trading or move on to the nearest store. But online, the nearest store is just a click away, saving couldn’t be easier.

The Temptation Is Not That Great Online

No shopping frenzy: Of course, on Black Friday, there is a flash of lightning and flashing on the shopping pages like a kitschy Christmas decoration, and you are diligently encouraged to fill the shopping cart lavishly. Countdowns also encourage you to hit the buy button as quickly as possible.

But unlike in the store, I can shop very specifically online because I can avoid the market shouting. I think about what I want to buy beforehand and set myself a clear price limit. I then use deal alerts to find out about suitable products. So I only look out for what I need and don’t take 15 other bargains with me that I didn’t want.

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