What Can I Do After The Administration And Finance FP?

Finance FP

The FP in Administration and Finance is one of the most in-demand and offers diverse professionals. All companies need this type of professional, which makes us imagine the employability of graduates in this training.

The versatility of this training means that these graduates can work in various companies in different sectors performing differentiated tasks. We could say that two people who have completed the same training can perform two different jobs and very different tasks.

This versatility leads to the creation of various specialized training that improves the prospects of each candidate and allows them to perform their job more effectively.

What Courses Can I Take In Administration?

Administration can be divided into various areas, such as a company’s human resources,
accounting, customer service and sales, taxation and many other options.

In this way, an administration professional could take an SME management course to focus on everything related to the management of small and medium-sized businesses. With this course, you will obtain a general vision of all the administrative aspects that are required but specialized for this type of company.

Carrying out the accounting management of a company, as well as administrative management, is of utmost importance. Therefore, there are various courses focused on this area. An example may be focused on audits. Companies must carry out audits and comply with legal requirements, which is why an option is usually to specialize in accounting management but focus on audits.

The company’s human resources are also managed by administration professionals, which is why taking courses focused on human resources is vital for the day-to-day life of these professionals.

Management assistance is also a very viable option. A management or secretarial assistance course may be an option for these professionals.

What Can A Technician In Administration And Finance Specialize In?

Administration and Finance technicians can specialize in various branches.

On the one hand, they could specialize in human resources and thus become part of the labour department of companies.

Another specialization may be sales, commerce, logistics or customer service. In this case, they would be in charge of all processes related to the company’s product and attention to both customers and suppliers, as well as the purchases and sales made. These jobs will depend on the specific company you work for.

Administrative, accounting and tax procedures are other specializations that administration and finance technicians can carry out. These jobs are the most common for this type of professional. In these areas, they could work on any aspect related to the company’s accounting and the tax obligations that must be assumed.

As we have commented in the previous section, in Administration, it is possible to carry out specific training for the management of SMEs. This is why other specializations that technicians in Administration and finance can carry out are based on the type of company. That is, it could specialize in specific companies such as banks, insurance or any type of financial institution. Also, I specialize in SMEs or large companies. And in another aspect, specialization in public Administration would also be possible.

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