The Best Professions In The Video Game Industry

Video Game Industry

The video game industry has grown considerably in recent years and is expected to continue growing in the coming years. Currently, it has even surpassed film and music in billing. In addition, we can comment that within this sector, there are infinite possibilities and a variety of professions.

What Does It Take To Work In The Video Game Industry?

The first thing you need to be part of the video game industry is good training in the video game sector. To be able to work in some of the professions that we are going to discuss below, technical knowledge is required that allows you to understand the language of the industry and carry out daily tasks. As well as managing the different programs.

Another very important point is to know the different video games that exist. Currently, we have several types of video games, and it is important to know the characteristics of each one of them. For this reason, those who want to dedicate themselves professionally to the industry should have experience and play different video games to get to know them.

Languages, specifically English, are also usually a point in favour when applying for different positions within the sector. It is important to mention at this point that many of the companies and video games are international, and mastering the language can facilitate our path.

What Jobs Are Related To Video Games?

Video Game Designers

In video games, it is logical to comment that professionals are required to be in charge of video game design. These professionals are to develop the story and the characters to make the entire production sense.

Video Game Programmers

In this area, they carry on the story created by the designers. Programmers are the professionals who design the software and generate the code to make what the designers have created work and come true.

Video Game Testers

This is one of the perhaps least known professions outside the world of video games, but most interesting within the industry. These professionals are in charge of testing the video game before it goes on sale to detect any possible errors and thus be able to change it in time. This profession consists of knowing the different video games well and having the knowledge to document everything you see during the game.

Video Game Animators

The senior 3D animation technician works together with designers and programmers to try to make the movements of the characters and places as real as possible. This professional is responsible for giving credibility to the game and creating the objects.

Writers, Screenwriters And Translators

All video games tell a story, and for this reason, it is important to have professionals who are in charge of creating the script, the stories and the characters’ dialogues.

Video games carry with them a game manual. Therefore, there is also the figure of the technical writer who is in charge of writing all the support materials. Video games are translated into different languages, so translators also have a place among professionals in the industry.

Professional Player

Until now, we have talked about all those professionals who were part of the creation and development of the video game. But with everything that this industry has grown, championships have been created around the world in which the most popular video game companies are present.

These are some of the most well-known professions, but within the industry, there are opportunities for other professionals. Furthermore, within each department, we would also find different professionals.

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