The Transversal Skills Of Developers To Highlight


The recruitment criteria for web developers highlight the importance of know-how in job descriptions. However, nowadays, companies are more likely to seek other types of skills from applicants. Faced with growing demands in the field of technology, they are no longer confined to mastering the deployment of applications.

Rare are the job offers for the position of developer mentioning transversal business skills. Technical references, on the other hand, prevail. However, are they sufficient to select a potential candidate?

These business skills, which are rather cross-cutting, are essential in order not to reduce the function of a developer to simply developing applications . In the current era, we are looking for candidates who combine their hard skills with knowledge of the sector in which they are called upon to work. They expect to prosper thanks to profiles capable of delivering the tools developed more quickly.

The Developer Profession In 2022

In addition to mastering computer language, in 2022, a developer must respond to job offers on the market. With the various positions and variations of tasks, boosted since the pandemic, exercising this profession involves being constantly evolving. The offers are numerous and the candidates also have their own requirements. Some see themselves more freelancing in wage portage. This seems to them to be an interesting choice, given that it allows them to work from home. Others prefer to work in hybrid mode.

However, recruiters are also more picky. In web development, big data management and artificial intelligence, the offers are growing. They expect to have candidates better able to convince their superiors of the real value of a developed application . Technical skills are no longer enough in this regard. Companies absolutely want to innovate in terms of recruitment. The context of the pandemic pushes them to anticipate future needs.

These changes mean that current developers risk being in competition with their future collaborators. They must show versatility by proving that they have transversal skills. Therefore, their know-how in related fields is expected but not only in the development of applications.

Competition Around Data Processing

38% increase in the recruitment of developers was observed across Europe. In Spain alone, data engineers are highly sought after today, following a 305% increase in applications. The same is true in Italy where developers are also in high demand, at 210%. These figures are the result of a study carried out between the first quarters of 2021 and 2022. Conducted by WMware, the assessment focused on the importance of the place of data processing in the market,

According to the Director of Cloud Applications and Platforms for EMEA at VMware:

As CAs demand more and more from application delivery, developers have a great opportunity to hone their business skills and become more visible and essential in application modernization projects.

Faced with the context of a pandemic, tasks that can be performed even in telework have experienced a meteoric rise , especially in Europe. This was the case for positions revolving around data processing. This can be explained by the possibility of freelancing on the one hand, but also by the salary range on the other hand. As the field is constantly growing, developers are realizing the importance of digital talent.

Developer Preferences

Current developers have their preferences in their respective specializations. While some feel more comfortable developing Frontend than Backend, others are much more comfortable in Fullstack mode. In terms of technology watch, they are called upon to always update their knowledge and adapt to market demands.

However, recruiters and developers are not always on the same page. The benchmarks for professional assets to have in 2022 are varied. Currently, more and more hirers are aiming for new, more versatile technical skills. Some sometimes meet the technical skills acquired by the developers. Here are some common points that bring them together in the same market:

  • Web development;
  • Artificial intelligence;
  • Le DevOps ;
  • The development of video games;
  • The development of mobile applications;
  • Software creation.

Be that as it may, some recruiters complain about the lack of experts in a few areas. This especially affects the creation of database software, Cloud Computing, and DevOps. The market feels the growing need for candidates in these areas. However, the choices of applicants are more towards blockchain or game development. This gap could have negative repercussions in the decades to come.

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