Post-vacacional Syndrome? Don’t Let It Affect Your Business!

Post-vacacional Syndrome

Sadness, tension, irritability, insomnia, concentration problems, lack of energy… These are some of the symptoms of the so-called post-vacation syndrome. Does it sound familiar to you?

This syndrome becomes apparent with the arrival of September and the return to routine. And it is that recovering the rhythm of work in such a short time is complicated for many, which can generate stress and fatigue in the worker.

Although post-vacation syndrome is not a pathology as such, rather an adjustment disorder, it is estimated that it affects one in three workers, and its effects can be reflected in the pace of work and productivity of the company.

This is why it is essential to motivate workers after the holidays. How to get it? Easy! Carrying out a series of measures to make the transition as comfortable and bearable as possible without affecting the productivity of your company. Take note!

Five Tips For Coping With Post-Vacation Syndrome

Create A Good Work Environment

If your employees are happy, comfortable, and content, it will reflect positively on their work. Keep in mind that a good mood is not only transmitted to work but also clients and results.

So now, you know, take care of the well-being of your employees! Bet on flexible hours, training programs, promote a healthy lifestyle, or opt for team sports activities. 

Review Your Daily Goals And Visualize Them 

The first contact is complex, and sometimes the intense work pace can trigger stress and post-vacation syndrome. The ideal way to achieve a smooth and efficient transition is to use good time management

For this, it is important to mark and visualize the objectives of each project. Call meetings to review those goals, plan strategies, delegate responsibilities, and organize the calendar and deadlines. This, in addition to serving to warm up your engines, will help you boost motivation. 

Start With Easy Tasks

As you can see, the idea is to resume work gradually. So the best warm-up to reach peak performance is to start with the most straightforward or most accessible tasks, of course, always prioritizing. This will get your staff up to speed, and the sense of progress will increase fluency and motivation.

Bet On Team Building Activities

Organized activities are coaching and team building to improve cohesion and motivation of employees, especially in those early days of work after the summer holidays.

These types of activities allow staff to get out of the work routine a bit and promote teamwork, encourage collaboration and improve the work environment.

Set challenges And Rewards

It’s not just about recognizing the dedication and effort of employees. Sometimes it helps to set small goals that pay off. Rewarding good work will also help us keep employees motivated, and they will also feel more valued. 

Of course, these rewards do not always have to be financial incentives, and they can translate into more flexible hours, days off, training, gift cards, etc.

These tips will help you overcome the famous post-vacation syndrome and alleviate its effects so that the pace of your business is not affected. However, it is not always easy to adopt new measures to increase productivity and optimize business processes. That is why we have the ideal solution for you!

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