Enterprise Application: Real Advantage For Your Employees?

Enterprise Application

Create a business application, is it necessary?

Internal communication is an essential element to guarantee team cohesion and employee involvement in a company. Thanks to digitization, developing an internal business application has become a key step to ensure productivity and work in the best possible conditions.

Why Create An Enterprise Application?

What Is A Business App?

A mobile business application is a solution developed for your employees with the aim of making internal communication, internal tools and information more easily accessible. Thanks to it, you will be able to increase the productivity of your employees, manage your data efficiently and optimize your processes.

Originally, companies created intranet sites for their employees. With the emergence of smartphones, they had to adapt and start designing applications and sites in mobile format.

Benefits For Your Employees

Your employees being familiar with this type of digital interface, here are the advantages of a business application for your employees:

  • Easy access to the business platform
  • Improves communication with colleagues
  • Optimizes engagement
  • Connects all employees and teams together
  • Real-time tracking of appointments, files or company information

Benefits For Your Business

By creating a business application, you will have a tailor-made tool for your needs and many advantages:

User Experience Optimization

A mobile application offers a better user experience for your employees than an intranet. Indeed, navigation on an application is easier than a website on mobile. Access to information is therefore more suitable, simple, accessible and ergonomic.

Improved Image Of Your Company

Developing an application reinforces the image of your company. It conveys the image of an innovative company, attentive and evolving, which adapts according to the evolutions and consumption habits of your employees.

A business application must be accessible. It allows all members of your company to access the same tools under the same conditions.

Easy Access To Information

A business application ensures access to information for all your employees. especially if some are on the move, telecommuting or if you have several branches. Accessible on a smartphone, your employees have permanent and instant access to all the information and news published by your company. Likewise for more urgent information, you can alert all your employees via notifications.

It allows all members of your company to access the same tools under the same conditions.

Development Of Bottom-up Communication

Upward communication refers to moving ideas and information from employees up the hierarchy. With a business application, the sharing of suggestions and opinions of your collaborators will be developed and bring about development and cohesion between the different teams.

Promotion Of Exchanges

The development of a business application offers the possibility of improving the quality and diversity of exchanges within the various departments. With the tools included in your interface such as messaging or a newsletter, communication between the different services will be facilitated.

Facilitation Of Integrations

This app is a great way to onboard newcomers. Thanks to it, they will be able to quickly immerse themselves in the culture and values ​​of the company. They will also find all the answers to their questions and the necessary information.

What Features Are Essential To Your Business Application?

A Customizable Platform

Your mobile application must be 100% customizable to reflect your brand image. Add your logo, your colours and everything that makes up your graphic charter to be recognizable on all your channels by your employees. This strengthens the sense of belonging and will increase the use of your application.

Available On iOS And Android

In order for your application to be available to all your collaborators, be sure to make a version for iOS and one for Android. It’s an efficient way to allow your employees to use their own devices.

A Chat Function

This feature is very important for employees for different reasons :

  • Ability to re-read conversations and find important points
  • Easy, fast and efficient information sharing
  • Easy to connect to it all day
  • Security of internal exchanges of sensitive or confidential information

Content Sharing

Thanks to the possibility of putting all the relevant information for the company online on a single platform, all employees have the same level of information. This feature is important for members of the same team working together on projects. This allows them to be more productive and efficient.

A Messaging Function

Members of the same team or of the same company are required to communicate with each other throughout the day. But it’s not always necessary to schedule a meeting. Whether it’s telecommuting or communicating between different offices in your company, instant messaging is a way to quickly transfer information.

Your Business News

It is essential for an internal application to include your company’s news for your employees. Both simple and easy to access, employees must be able to know everything.


Your enterprise application is the main channel for informing your collaborators of certain elements. You must then integrate a notification system to:

  • Announce a special event or party
  • Encourage your collaborators on their project
  • Inform of the latest results of internal investigation
  • Warn about any issues that may affect their work

The Contacts Of Your Collaborators

Your employees must be able to contact their colleagues at any time. But they may not know where to turn. You can then add a directory of your company to your application. This will make it easier to find contact details. This directory should be easy to use, list each name, departments, specific skills and a photo.

Training Modules

If your company offers internal online training, they could be integrated into your application via videos, documents, white papers… It’s a way to stimulate the commitment of your employees and to form. Offer a direct registration with a follow-up of their evolution.

A Search Bar

Finding information is hard work and can be time consuming. To avoid this waste of time (and some frustration), integrate a search bar into your application. It will allow your collaborators to find information easily but also files for example.

Ability To Be Multilingual

For companies of international size, it is important that each employee has access to the same information in their mother tongue . To ensure the same level of information, offer an intranet in several languages.

A Calendar

When carrying out a project, a shared calendar can be useful for an entire team. In a few clicks, your employees will have access to this shared space and the deadlines to be respected . This will allow them to better organize their daily tasks and monitor the progress of a project in real time.


This feature will save time for your human resources department. Indeed, by inserting an FAQ in your application, the time spent answering recurring questions from employees will be dedicated to other tasks. Because if an employee has a question about the functioning of your company, it is likely that he is not the only one. Thanks to an FAQ, the information will be accessible in a few clicks by everyone and at any time.

Your Tailor-Made Solution For Your Business Application

In order to develop an internal application that is 100% adapted to your company and your needs, opt for a tailor-made solution. This will bring you many advantages: 

A Scalable Interface

Your application must adapt to the evolution of your business and the needs that arise along the way. The goal is for you to achieve your goals in the best conditions thanks to this interface.

Personalized Support

In the process of creating your application, support will be necessary from the idea to the final realization in order to have an interface that fully corresponds to your company. By entrusting this mission to development professionals, benefit from support in all stages of the design.

Features Tailored To Your Needs

In the features listed above, identify those that are essential to the proper functioning of your business application. This will allow you to best meet the needs of your employees.

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