Users seek information about their health, symptoms, medications and treatments. This has made health marketing essential for companies in the health sector. Health marketing is essential so that patients can find out about the centers, professionals, products and services they need.

When choosing, trust is a key factor, and more so in the health sector. That’s where that’s where marketing comes into play.


Health marketing encompasses commercial strategies that seek to attract new patients, and ultimately, retain them.

The medical sector does not work the same as the other sectors. When developing a marketing strategy, it must be approached taking into account the peculiarities of each type of business. For our marketing strategy to be successful and achieve the purpose of attracting and retaining patients , we must know this sector well.


Patients evolve, their methods of obtaining information change, and information must be present where users seek it. Today, if you are not on social networks, you do not exist.

9 out of 10 people use social media and spend almost two hours a day on social media, making it a fantastic medium to reach them.

Professional social networks act as a showcase for your clinic, center, or even your professional profile. As on your website, in your social profile patients can find out about your services and the professionals who guarantee the experience of the center.

The doctor-patient relationship is one of the main factors in terms of trust. Patients seek quality care , and to provide it, it is vital to know their problems, doubts and needs. Thanks to the digital medium, we can find out in a more exhaustive way the main concerns of users and provide them with the answer they are looking for, with the closeness and speed that social networks provide us.


Having a website that works as a cover letter for the clinic and its professionals, showing its range of services, is essential in the digital age. But we must go further.

If users are used to searching the internet for their symptoms and possible treatments, let’s provide them with that information. Having a blog on the web, in which articles from the sector are published periodically, will position the clinic among the first results in search engines , and therefore, among the first options to be valued by patients.

Articles on current affairs in the health sector, new techniques and treatments , will position the clinic as a reference center in medical innovation. In turn, interviews with professionals , who talk about their experience and their relationship with patients, will be essential to gain the trust of users.


If you did not know the term link building , we define it in a few words: more visits and new patients for your clinic. How do we do it? Getting our website to be linked by others . Through different actions, link building achieves web popularity and domain authority , which translates into better positioning . By improving the SEO positioning of the web, with these external links or backlinks, Google will understand that the content of our blog is of quality, and will increase its notoriety.

For the link building strategy to work correctly, the blog links must be linked in media that have good domain authority, and above all, that are relevant. Linking to the pages of companies and media in the health sector with a great reputation will have a positive influence on our brand image, and therefore, on customer confidence.


Having a professional and specialized marketing team will be essential for the development of a strategy that achieves the objectives set, reaching the target audience and successfully impacting it.

At BrandMedia we are specialized in advertising and digital marketing, with more than 10 years in the communication and advertising sector, offering fast and quality solutions for our clients in the health sector. Our experience gives us a great differential value , always working with rigor, closeness and creativity , and above all knowing that each client may have different needs.

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