What Is Google Adwords And How Does It Work?

google Adwords

Today there is no advertising campaign that is not done online. And if we talk about advertisements on the internet, we cannot forget Google Adwords. This is the most used platform in the world of digital advertising today. It gives companies the ability to include their ads in the results of searches carried out by people on the internet.

And it is one of the best ways to optimize SEM advertising campaigns. To start using it, you just have to have a Google account and thanks to it you can track your campaigns, while managing and controlling their expenses.

How Google Adwords Works

Its strategy consists of a bidding system between advertisers , that is, they are the ones who decide the amount they are willing to pay and the one who wins is the one that is finally shown on the network. This type of advertising has a reserved part on web pages and, although years ago it was not explicitly announced that they were sponsored entries, currently it must be noted that they are spaces dedicated to advertisements.

Google charges the customer for each click on their ad; in this way the cost becomes a true reflection of the traffic gained on the web. The ad format does not support images and the text must be a maximum of 4 lines. The advertiser must reflect the maximum amount they are willing to pay for each click on a given word. And not all words have the same price: it is what is known as keywords or keywords. With Google Adwords, the cost of the click for each keyword is auctioned.

This platform has different tools when it comes to advertising your business. One of the most used is ads in search results, but there are other means such as banners in applications, YouTube video advertising, the content network, etc.

SEM Campaigns In Adwords

We are already used to seeing SEM campaigns at the top in Google searches. Search Engine Marketing is based on techniques for promoting a website through paid advertisements or advertising platforms such as Google AdWords. Here the positioning results are almost immediate.

Google Adwords offers customers many possibilities when it comes to advertising. This platform is divided into the search network and the display network. In the first one, it can only be advertised in text formats, which will be displayed when the user performs a search on Google. In the second case, the ads can be advertised in different formats, such as text, banners, videos, etc. You can choose one of the two networks or both, to advertise SEM campaigns .

Advantages Of Adwords For Companies

  • When you use the right keywords, placement and topics, the ads that appear to people are the ones that really interest them.
  • More economical. You will only pay as an advertiser for the clicks received, which translates into paying for a customer who will really be interested in your services.
  • Tracking the campaigns with their statistics and keywords will help you optimize your business and obtain a much higher cost-benefit.


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