What Is Burnout Syndrome And How To Prevent It?

Burnout Syndrome

Having happy and satisfied employees with their work is essential for a company to be successful. However, more and more working people suffer from burnout syndrome , those people who feel like failures in their jobs. In this article we tell you how to prevent this situation. Keep reading!

What Is Burnout Syndrome?

Burnout syndrome refers to the situation of persistent work stress in which many working people find themselves who, not being able to manage their emotions, enter a state of frustration, discomfort and constant tension that interferes with their lives and with Your job.

The frequency with which this syndrome occurs in workers has caused the World Health Organization (WHO) to officially classify it as a disease in 2019.

How Does It Affect Workers?

Working people who suffer from burnout syndrome usually present a series of symptoms , among which are the following. 

physical And Mental Exhaustion

The employee is so tired that his/her energy levels are at a minimum . This usually has consequences on a physical level, presenting symptoms of chronic fatigue, loss of appetite, weight gain, migraines or gastrointestinal problems. 

Likewise, the person who suffers from this syndrome also usually suffers from permanent anxiety and stress , these being the main symptoms that occur in most cases and the ones that produce the most mental wear.


It is common for workers who are “burned out” to end up presenting an indifferent attitude towards their environment and the individuals that make it up , perceiving the latter in a dehumanized way and treating them accordingly.

State Of Permanent Nervousness

Due to the appearance of stress and anxiety in working people who suffer from this condition, it is common for them to find themselves in a constant state of worry and alteration that usually leads to other problems, such as insomnia, irritability, headaches and tachycardia.

Poor Communication

Lasting tiredness, accompanied by reluctance and difficulties concentrating, causes the worker who suffers from burnout syndrome to have difficulties in communicating optimally with their colleagues and with their environment.

Low Productivity

As a consequence of all of the above, the performance of the person suffering from this ailment will be affected , since they will be unmotivated and will not find personal fulfillment in carrying out their work. In addition, it usually happens that the more the productivity of a working person decreases, the more tasks accumulate and this situation will only increase their laziness.

How To Prevent Burnout Syndrome?

To prevent the employees of a company from falling into burnout, there are a series of preventive measures that can be carried out both personally and as a company.


The following tips will help you prevent the appearance of this condition, or, in case you are already suffering from it, to mitigate its consequences: 

  • Learn to disconnect from work . It is important that, once your working hours are over, you do not check your email or check your mobile or your computer unless it is strictly necessary. 
  • Set healthy boundaries. Reflect on how far your mind and body can work without feeling exhausted, and organize your work within that framework.  
  • Learn to communicate assertively , to say no and to express your opinion or your discomfort in a certain situation. 
  • Taking care of your health and exercising is important to relieve stress, since your brain will generate endorphins that will make you feel happier. 
  • If you think you need professional help , don’t hesitate to ask for it.

At Company Level

As an organization, it is necessary to take a series of measures that collectively prevent the appearance of burnout syndrome among workers. Actions you can take include the following: 

  • It encourages active listening among the workers and also between the leaders and the members of their team. In this way, all workers will be able to express themselves freely, knowing that their opinions and feelings will be taken into account. 
  • Promotes socialization and team building . Get the employees to know each other and build good relationships, as this will substantially improve the work environment. 
  • Assign realistic tasks and be flexible with goals . Do not ask the hard-working people of your organization for the impossible, since, if you do, they may begin to suffer from fatigue, frustration, stress and, ultimately, burnout syndrome
  • Respect and encourage breaks and flexible hours so that the members of the team can disconnect and reconcile their work and professional life. 
  • Establish specific roles where each worker is clear about how far their tasks extend and what their responsibilities are. Once determined, make sure that they are respected at all times. 

As you have been able to read, there are a series of measures that it is advisable to implement at the company level to prevent workers from suffering from burnout syndrome, and also several tips that can be applied at a personal level to prevent the appearance of this condition.

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