Linking Magenta TV to Netflix – How It Works

Magenta TV to Netflix

Netflix can be linked to a magenta TV receiver in just a few steps or booked directly with a telecom contract. We’ll tell you how to do it.

You don’t have a Smart TV, but still want to use Netflix on your TV? Are you tired of always having to start different devices to switch between Netflix and TV? The popular streaming service can easily be linked to your Magenta TV. This article provides step-by-step instructions.

Link Magenta TV To The Netflix App

The magenta TV receiver comes with the option of storing your Netflix account. However, this only works with model number 401 and higher:

  • Start your receiver, pick up your remote control and press the home button.
  • Use the arrow keys to switch to the right in the menu and click on Apps.
  • Select Netflix and click on the remote control to OK to start the app.
  • Log in with your access data.

If you want, you can place Netflix on the colorful quick selection buttons on the remote control to go directly to the streaming app.

Combine Magenta TV And Netflix Subscription

Netflix customers can combine the subscription with the Magenta TV contract and sometimes save money:

  • Log in to Magenta TV with your access data.
  • Select the Magenta TV Netflix plan.
  • You will now receive a registration email with further instructions. Follow them and confirm your registration. Important: For this step, you need the same email address with which you use your Netflix account.
  • An upgrade to the premium subscription can also be booked as an option.

Once you have done that, your expenses will no longer be debited separately from Netflix but will be billed together with the monthly fees from Magenta TV.

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