How Does Blue Light From Screens Affect Us?

Blue Light

Many professions today are powered by computers, with long shifts keeping people exposed to prolonged exposure to harmful light from monitors, not including the time people use mobile devices.

Both technological advances, as well as the high levels of demand that different jobs currently have, require many people to spend a lot of time on their computers, causing them greater possibilities of health risks, especially visually.

These problems can occur gradually, not have symptoms immediately, or not be perceived by the person until it is too late.

A person can spend many hours a day in front of a computer and mobile device screens, emitting light that can cause vision damage and eye conditions.

Visual Health When Exposed To Blue Light

If you don’t know the consequences of blue light, we will show you what it is and the recommendations to reduce its consequences.

The visual problems generated due to prolonged exposure to blue light may be due to our long working hours and the amount of time we spend on the screen of our Smartphones or television, among other technological devices.

All the time we spend in front of the different screens that emit blue light can cause eye health problems, which with the first symptoms, go unnoticed, or we do not give it the importance it deserves.

These symptoms, over time, can trigger serious degenerative diseases with consequences that cannot be easily solved.

From the first symptoms, such as eye fatigue, irritation and dry eyes, it is necessary to look for the best alternatives to reduce the damage so the problem does not worsen further.

Our eyes are not used to being focused on a single object for a long period, as it happens when looking at a mobile device or a computer screen.

For this reason, a greater effort has to be made to maintain attention and focus on the same point.
By exerting yourself at a level that you are not used to, eye fatigue is generated, which is one of the most common problems, as is irritation and dryness of the eyes.

The latter can improve and be resolved with blinking exercises, rest, or eye lubricant.

Macular degeneration is generated by long exposure to blue light; this disorder produces a significant decrease and loss of vision after many years of exposure to blue light.

This is mainly because the photoreceptor cells are eliminated, and these cells do not regenerate.

What Is Blue Light?

To find out what effects blue light from screens has on our health, you first need to know its definition and where it comes from. Blue light is the visible light that has the greatest amount of radiation, contrary to red light, which is the light that has the least amount of radiation.

Blue light is similar to UV light, but the lens and cornea cannot reflect or block it, causing the retina to be directly affected. Our eyes have a tolerance for blue light to a certain level.

However, almost all of today’s technological devices, such as computer monitors, mobile devices, and televisions, emit this type of light, and prolonged exposure to this light can cause significant vision loss among adults. 50 and 60 years.

Recommendations To Avoid Health Problems Due To Exposure To Blue Light

Suppose you are one of the people who spend a lot of time in front of the screen of your computer or mobile device and cannot reduce its use. In that case, we will leave you with a series of recommendations that will help you continue to perform well in your activities while protecting yourself from blue light without putting your health at risk.

Use Light Blue Glasses.

Computer screens and most technological devices have the type of light that can damage visual health when we spend long periods exposed to it.

To reduce the risks of blue light, special glasses have been designed to filter light from screens effectively. These blue light glasses are on the market of various brands and models.

Reduce Screen Brightness Level.

A recommendation to avoid eye fatigue and irritation is to keep your screen’s brightness and luminosity at low levels. Being in a very high level of lighting for a long time, health problems are generated due to exposure to blue light.

Take Breaks And Blink.

If you spend a lot of time with your eyes focused on the screen of your mobile device or computer, your eyes can reduce the number of blinks they make by half, resulting in dry eyes and problems focusing.

The best way to reduce this problem is to take 20-minute breaks every two hours and blink slowly to moisten the eyes.

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