HTTPS For A Better Google Ranking – Is Encryption Too Expensive And Too Complex?


On August 6th, Google announced that HTTPS encryption helps with ranking: Those who protect their site with SSL certificates collect plus points from the search engine giant. Encryption can do even more: Apart from the fact that SSL certificates have become a ranking factor, you can efficiently secure your communication channels via SSL. So encryption is an essential security and marketing aspect.

What Problems Can Arise?

In connection with SSL certificates, there are three main problems that our customers face:

  • SSL certificates are too expensive.
  • The implementation is not possible or too complex.
  • There is a lack of IP addresses. Our support is widely used to contact us with general or specific questions.

At this point, we will address these three problems and make suggestions that will help you.

Problem 1: SSL Certificates Are Too Expensive

Did you know that you can get SSL certificates from the PSW GROUP starting at € 15 per year? These are domain-validated individual certificates that you can use for small to medium-sized websites for a domain. Your costs are even further reduced if you opt for a domain-validated personal certificate for several years. For example, you only invest € 59 in an individual certificate from the well-known Comodo certification body, valid for five years.

This means that you only pay € 11.80 per year for your security. Don’t worry about not renewing your SSL certificate in time: our reminder service thinks for you and warns you three times before your certificate expires so that you always think about renewing it in good time. Look out for special offers. Ours is called “more for less” and gives you up to 90 days more runtime – so three months more are also included!

SSL certificates are an excellent and far less expensive investment in your security than you might think! For example, if you want to protect several domains with a domain-validated multi-domain certificate, you can do this with an investment of € 89 per year (PositiveSSL from Comodo). You invest less than € 7.50 per month to comprehensively secure up to 100 domains (including three) with a single SSL certificate from a well-known provider. Another calculation example: The domain-validated multi-domain certificate QuickSSL Premium from GeoTrust. You pay only € 39 a year, protecting one domain and three subdomains.

Problem 2: The Implementation Is Not Possible

We are happy to assist you with the installation of your SSL certificate: All we need is root access for your Linux server or remote access to your Windows system, as well as information about your IP address and your virtual host. Our security experts will work with you to create the CSR (= Certificate Signing Request; “Certificate Registration Requests” with a public key and other information about your SSL certificate), then advise you on the suitable certificate for your needs, go through the online order for you and install it selected SSL certificate on your server.

Order an SSL certificate from PSW GROUP and secure our support at the same time – no matter whether you have ordered a € 15 certificate for smaller websites or a € 399 certificate for government websites, whether you want to secure a static page or, for example, use WordPress as a CMS. Find out more about our installation service.

Problem 3: There Is A Lack Of IP Addresses

To counteract the IP address problem, Server Name Indication (SNI) is the solution. SNI is a TLS extension that enables you to host multiple websites from different domains on one server – with a single IP address. Around 85% of all browsers and clients now support the protocol.

Exceptions are, in particular older versions of Internet Explorer under Windows version XP. The website visitor then receives an error message, and SSL encryption cannot take place. But we have also provided for you in this regard: We have agreed on workaround solutions for older systems for all certification bodies in our portfolio. GlobalSign certificates already support SNI, while SSL certificates from Comodo or Symantec are not yet ready.

If you opt for organizational (OV) or extended validated (EV) Comodo or Symantec certificates, we also offer you a domain-validated (DV) multi-domain certificate. The latter contains all individually certified hostnames that you want to operate with the SNI IP address. In this multi-domain certificate, we integrate a default page that picks up and redirects your visitors with browsers or clients incompatible with SNI.

We set up this default page so that the SSL / TLS handshake runs without errors and your website visitors receive all content correctly. We will be happy to set up all of this for you, and you will not exclude any of your website visitors from your effective SSL encryption.

By the way: You as a hoster or cloud service provider are also welcome to contact us. With our solution orientation and hands-on mentality, we work with you to create just SNI solutions that show your customers a viable way out of the IP dilemma.

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