Four Energy Switching Myths Debunked For Businesses

Energy Switching Myths

In many cases, the price is the main reason companies want to switch energy suppliers. However, there can also be other reasons for a change, such as the expiry of the regular contract term – there is not always an extension period afterwards. In addition, there are influences on the customer side that require a change. This includes, for example, moving into new company premises or changing a meter if the existing tariff loses its validity as a result. In such cases, it is important to react quickly and get an overview. A regular, comprehensive comparison of energy providers and their contractual conditions can save a lot of money for private consumers and companies alike.

However, there are a number of misconceptions surrounding the topic of changing energy providers in companies, which prevent customers from taking the step of reorienting themselves. The following article should clear up with these and show that with thorough and extensive research on a comparison portal, nothing stands in the way of a change – because what works privately also works in companies.

Bureaucratic Hurdles

There are still too few companies that switch their energy provider when it comes to cost-saving strategies. In the eyes of many decision-makers and managing directors, the necessary effort is a major hurdle that prevents them from having to deal with a change of supplier. In addition, the topic seems too cumbersome and too complicated for them. They want simple solutions to achieve cost savings. Changing the electricity provider via the Internet or comparison portals helps here, because the bureaucratic obstacles are anything but high. After the termination of the electricity tariff, the new provider takes over the deregistration and further steps. Only the terms and notice periods must be observed. However, should there be an overlap, In case of doubt, the new provider will also take care of these. In addition, he offers contacts of the quality that customers know from the previous supplier.

The Current Drawn Is Always The Same

Again and again it is said that when you change energy providers, nothing changes because the electricity continues to run via the same network as before the change. From a technical point of view, there are actually no changes, but the electricity mix is ​​significantly influenced by the choice of provider. As a customer, I decide on a tariff that suits my company. For example, choosing a green electricity tariff has a positive impact on the environment. B2B comparison portals also enable interested parties to compare the pure energy price – i.e. the proportion that differs between the providers.

When There Are Difficulties, There Are Gaps In Supply

When switching from one electricity supplier to another, there are regulations on transitions and there are no failures in the supply chain. Such a shortage would be fatal for companies in particular, since production capability depends on a smooth energy supply. Even if something goes wrong during the changeover, customers need not fear any breakdowns. In such cases, the Energy Industry Act applies and the local public utilities then take over the basic supply. Automatic processes run here, provided that the required data is entered correctly and completely.

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