Five Measures To Get Entrepreneurially Safe Through The Year 2022


After the crisis years 2020 & 2021 with temporary company closures, investment stops, reluctant customers or unusual events, the year 2022 will also bring challenges and times that are difficult to plan for companies.

As an entrepreneur, you need to focus on doing two major things simultaneously- reducing operational costs, and increasing revenue generation. If you are not careful about saving money, then you will slowly lose track of your finances, which will end being disastrous for your business. There are multiple areas where you can cut down from an expenditure standpoint. You can use sites like RARBG proxy to download software applications and other learning materials which can then be distributed to your workforce. Over a period, this will end up being a major cost-saving strategy for your business and boost your revenue figures.

Protect Employees

Companies are only as good as their employees. Sounds trite, but the work that needs to be done cannot be done without employees. If one or more people in the company become infected, the entire company may be closed. It is therefore important to protect employees – for example through hygiene regulations and the offer to work from home. Hygiene measures should not only be announced and noted by the employees, but also proactively checked so that the risk of infection is kept as low as possible. If sales fall sharply, the future of the company and thus that of the employees can also be secured through short-time work.

Communicate Digitally

It is also advisable to continue reducing business trips. Whether meetings with customers, partners or large groups of your own employees from different departments – personal contacts should also be kept to a minimum in the working world. In order to continue to communicate despite this, digital communication channels such as internal messenger services, CRM systems, video conference tools, online appointment calendars or chatbots are available. It is best for entrepreneurs to have a preferred provider ready with whose settings and functions they are familiar with. This prevents problems or questions from arising during the meeting.

Strengthen Digital Sales Channels

So far, new leads have mainly been generated at trade fairs, but companies should reschedule their budgets and strengthen digital sales channels as quickly as possible. In order to generate leads via the Internet, companies need easy-to-find and high-performance websites. It is also advisable to use marketing automation tools for communication processes on multiple channels. For retail and gastronomy, it is also important to focus on digital services such as online ordering including pick-up or delivery services. Many customers are happy to support local businesses if they offer such offers. 

Focus On Customer Loyalty Instead Of New Customer Acquisition

Acquiring new customers is associated with high expenses for many companies. In order to save costs, it is advisable to intensify relationships with existing customers instead. As a rule, however, they face the same problems as their own company and are reluctant to invest. It is therefore important to focus on services where your own company offers real added value for other companies – and which at best also work in the current situation.

However, companies should not completely forego the acquisition of new customers. Automated funnels help to tackle the often lengthy process of establishing new business contacts in a targeted and resource-saving manner. These digital funnels give interested parties individualized impulses, until they either drop out or become a customer. But social media is also becoming increasingly important for increasing visibility and reach, and campaigns on Xing and Linkedin also help potential customers to recognize the added value of company services.

keep An Eye On Costs

In order to get through challenging times safely, it is ultimately important to keep an eye on the costs incurred. Even in times of crisis, some investments, for example in digital tools or employee training, have to be made so that your own company remains sustainable. Other expenses, however, can be saved. In order to reduce costs in the short and medium term in difficult situations, bridging allowances and other state aid, termination of company cars that are currently not needed or the refusal to hire new people and business trips help, for example.

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