Can Online Training On The Internet Replace A Face-To-Face Course?

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The best answer to this question will probably be a large DEPENDE. Still, Depende is getting smaller and smaller thanks to the communication possibilities implemented every day, taking advantage of digital technologies.

But there has always been a limitation with the compulsory practices that can exist in any technical career. Well, that limitation still exists today, we are not going to fool ourselves, there are disciplines such as those related to medicine and nursing in which practical face-to-face training is precisely what brings that essential value to the course, we can cite This master’s in implantology for dentists that are developed in person in Spain, it is not possible to provide it online due to the teaching load of practical training, in this case, it is the professors (active dentists specialized in dental implants) who travel to the different locations where the master is carried out, always in person.

This training method, in which the teachers go to different locations, represents another chance for the training that has gone from static face-to-face training, to the option of online training and to this new methodology in which the courses They are “itinerant” so that practical training can be brought to the door of the student’s home. To cite some examples in which the realization of face-to-face practices is an obligation to train the student. However, this situation has been reoriented in many cases with new study plans.

This does not take away from the fact that blended, distance or exclusively training courses have increased a lot in front of a computer, and what is better, not only for university subjects, there are many courses for eminently practical sectors such as professional training that are performed in whole or in part in front of a computer screen with an internet connection.

Why Has The Student’s Perception Changed When Choosing An Online Course Or A Face-To-Face Course?

We could list some of the reasons why online and distance training are so well accepted today:

  • Many practical classes have been intelligently replaced by videos or interactive animations that can be developed on a computer.
  • Some online courses and masters are developed with such interesting content, and with such well-studied methodologies, students prefer them over face-to-face courses.
  • There is no problem with schedules or travel to take the course we want, we can be in Cadiz and take a course at a university in Madrid … or the US.

Here we have a great explanation depends on the beginning of this article. Online courses and masters have quickly adapted to the training needs of students, thanks to new technologies, new teaching methods, and gradually gaining a reputation in a market that was previously dominated by traditional face-to-face training.

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