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One evidence that the economic crisis has shown us harshly is that diversifying markets and going abroad to sell our products is the insurance of resistance. Operating in a single country makes your company depends on the flow of internal consumption in that country and, if it falls, your sales may suffer so much that you are forced to lower the blind.

Although it is not easy to open the borders to sales and place your products and services in foreign markets, favoring the expansion of your company can only bring advantages. To make penetration into new international markets a little easier, there are possibilities to make it simpler and cheaper to develop the communications system necessary to address business expansion in the field of ICT.

Opening a branch is not easy or cheap, and sometimes it is not even necessary. Many business models do not need physical locations to develop their operations in another country, but, in any case, a communications network will be necessary to put customers, users, suppliers, and the company in contact.

With the hyper-development of the Internet in the world, cloud operations have come to simplify and facilitate business operations, and in the field of communication, it is no different. IP telephony continues to evolve and improve its performance to the point that today a company can have its entire communication system virtualized with a switchboard in the cloud.

These virtual switchboards offer us a series of advantages and tools that will allow the company’s telephony costs to be reduced in addition to favoring unified communications in the company, increasing the performance of human teams by making them converge in an internal network in which to perform Video conferencing, managing information and sharing data with a single click is available to both large companies and SMEs and freelancers.

This telephony in the cloud also allows the adoption of different international numbers. Opening a branch or offering customer service to users from another country does not involve a high cost when contracting with foreign operators, contracting lines and opening physical offices, and contracting staff abroad.

Spanish IP telephony operators offer international numbers to those companies that operate with foreign customers and suppliers and carry out their customer service and telephone sales from Spain or any other country.

Calls between international numbers will have the same cost as national calls, so your interlocutor will not notice the difference, and the cost of the call will be as if he were calling a number in his own country.

In addition, by contracting an international numbering, you will be able to answer any call from any country where your company decides to answer the phone: delegations, headquarters, operators, mobile phones, IP telephones, commercial agents, etc. In a global market, there should be no limits.

Contracting international numbers offer at the same time cheaper rates without call establishment and with per-second pricing so that the cost of calls does not impede if you decide to operate in the international market.

In addition to cost savings and flexibility, cloud telephony systems offer the latest technological features for sales and customer management. You can integrate telephone and CRM to get the most out of your business management.

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