5 Things Every Teacher Should Try In 2022


What will the future hold for educators? Educators must reflect on their practices and see if there are any changes or new initiatives they want to try out before the end of the school year. Here are five things that we think every teacher should try in 2022.

Storytelling With Google Tools

With the rise of multimedia and online tools, storytelling has become a more popular way to engage students in learning. And with Google tools like Docs, Slides, and Drawings, it’s easy to create multimedia stories that are fun and educational. You can use these tools to create stories about historical events, famous people, or scientific concepts. Or, you can have students create their own stories about their lives or favorite subjects.

For example, stop motion animation in Google Slides is a great way to bring stories to life. With this tool, students can create short animated films by moving objects on a slide one frame at a time.

Collaborative Notes In Google Docs

Collaborative note-taking is a great way to help students learn and work together. In a collaborative note-taking environment, students share a document where they can all write down their ideas as they occur. This can be especially useful for brainstorming or working on group projects.

What’s more, note-taking isn’t an easy skill – it takes time and practice to develop good habits. Collaborative note-taking can help students take better notes while also practicing crucial teamwork skills.

Google Docs makes collaborative note-taking easy. All you need is a Google account, and you can create a joint document for free.

Google Forms For Online Quizzes And SEL Check-In

Google Forms is an excellent tool for creating online quizzes and surveys. You can use it to assess student understanding, gather feedback, or track student progress. You can also use Google forms to create a fifth grade social studies lesson plan.

What’s more, you can also use Google Forms for social-emotional learning (SEL) check-ins. For example, you can create a form where students answer questions about their feelings or emotions. This can be a great way to help teachers track student well-being and identify any students who might need extra support.

Google Forms is free to use and easy to learn. You can create a form in minutes, and there are lots of helpful tutorials available online.

Live Stream Your Teaching

With live-streaming, you can share your classroom with the world. This can be a great way to connect with other educators, get feedback on your teaching, or show off your excellent classroom.

Several live-streaming platforms are available, but YouTube is probably the most popular. You can create a free YouTube channel in minutes and start streaming your teaching right away.

Flip Your Classroom

Flipping your classroom is an excellent way to engage students and help them learn more effectively.

In a flipped classroom, students watch lectures and other instructional materials at home and then do homework and practice activities in class. This can help students learn more since they can take their time to understand the material before practicing it in class.

There are several ways to flip your classroom and many tools and resources to help you get started. For example, you can use YouTube videos, Google Docs, or online quizzes to create instructional materials for your students.

If you’re looking for more ideas, be sure to check out the Adobe Education Exchange. This online community is packed with resources for educators, including lesson plans, tutorials, and more.

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