Nine Reasons Why Your Brand Has To Be On Tiktok In 2024


Did you know that TikTok has more than 1,051 million monthly active users?

Who spend an average of 95 minutes a day in the App, that is, more than one and a half hours a day.

What Is TikTok?

TikTok is a social media application and video platform that allows users to create, share, and discover short videos.

It was launched by the Chinese company Byte Dance in September 2016 and has become popular worldwide. The main feature of TikTok is its short video format, generally 15 to 60 seconds long, usually accompanied by background music.

TikTok users can create a wide variety of content, such as comedy videos, dance videos, tutorials, product reviews, recipes, Blogs, and more. Additionally, the App offers video editing tools and an extensive music library that allows users to add special effects and music to their videos.

How Has TikTok Achieved Its Popularity?

TikTok went viral in the middle of quarantine, especially among young people, with the creation of viral trends and challenges, such as dances, that spread rapidly around the world. 

Which represented an incredible increase of 98.4% in users compared to March 2019.

And although today, users between 18 and 24 years old still represent 40% of the audience, the App has gained popularity among other ages.

Additionally, TikTok’s audience has increased in personal use and the number of business accounts on the platform. 

The number of company accounts has increased by 165.53%, and the average number of views has grown by 35.72%.

So, if you still think that TikTok is only for the personal use of dancing teenagers, you are very wrong!

It’s not all dances anymore! You can find all types of content: challenges, advice, humor, recipes, recommendations, reflections, opinions, trends, memes, tutorials, music, educational content, and much more! 

Have we yet to convince you? We explain nine more reasons why your brand should be on TikTok. Don’t miss them!

Nine Reasons Why Your Brand Has To Be On Tiktok In 2024

The success of TikTok is an undeniable reality. If you are considering creating a profile for your brand, here are the compelling reasons why you should do it today. Keep reading!

1. You Will Reach A Broad And Diverse Audience

As mentioned, the app is top-rated among Generation Z users, representing 48%. 

However, you should know that 25% of users are between 25 and 44 years old. And here is the most surprising fact! People between 45 and 74 years old represent 32% of the platform’s users.

Therefore, TikTok’s audience is vast. And not only that! In addition to being comprehensive, it is diverse since the number of women and men on the platform is equal.

Specifically, 53.4% ​​of TikTok users are women, and 46.6% are men.

Ultimately, your brand must be on TikTok because it is likely that your customers will be on the platform at some point.

2. You Will Create Creative Content

TikTok is a creative social network where users and companies compress all their ingenuity into videos of less than 15 seconds.

However, the length of TikTok videos has increased, with 54-second videos having the most views.

So, the key to TikTok is no longer creating short videos but creative videos in all their fullness.

Now, the most important thing is not the duration of the content, but instead that it captures users’ attention from the first second.

Keep in mind that 46% of users use the platform for entertainment.

Furthermore, it is a platform with a world to discover. If you have a brand, create unique and original content that differentiates you from the competition.

3. You Will Gain More Visibility And Virality

The platform is known for its ability to make content viral easily. And on TikTok, having the following is unnecessary to impact significantly. 

If not, the platform’s algorithm is prepared to boost the content of those accounts that have just arrived or have few followers.

In addition, the visits from the TikTok search engine have doubled during 2023, according to a recent study by Metricool.

Therefore, it is recommended that you use general and specific Hashtags so that the App can segment and make your content more easily visible.

If, in addition, you create original content, join the trends of the moment, and manage to attract the attention of the audience, your content may go viral in just a few hours.

4. You Will Humanize Your Brand

Another of TikTok’s key points is that it positively values ​​authenticity.

Which is an excellent opportunity for brands to bring out their most human side and connect emotionally with users.

That is why it is so vital that you listen to your audience, identify their problems or needs, and adapt your content and communications to their language.

In addition to creating entertaining and social content, you can share brand stories, such as behind-the-scenes, talking about workers, etc.

This content will help you humanize your brand and build lasting relationships with your followers.

5. You Can Do Influencer Marketing

Did you know influencer marketing will be worth $21.1 billion by 2023?

And there are more and more influencers on the platform. For this reason, influencer marketing has not stopped growing since its inception, with most of them being micro and nano influencers.

These represent 99% of all influencers. This is very beneficial for brands since they tend to have more engagement and be more authentic and profitable than macro influencers.

For these reasons, 55.5% of brands prefer TikTok to collaborate with influencers over other platforms.

If you want to be inspired to create your successful influencer marketing strategy, don’t miss our article “10 campaigns with nano influencers on Instagram, Twitter and Tiktok”.

6. You Will Promote Your Brand

On the one hand, thanks to TikTok, you can promote your brand organically. That is, create natural content in the users’ Feeds like any other profile.

It is also a compelling platform for paid advertising since it offers different ad formats for companies: In-Feed, Hashtag Challenge, TopView, etc… All of them are very interesting because they manage to be integrated into the platform as if it were content. Organic. So, you will be doing non-intrusive advertising.

In addition, TikTok is one of the platforms with the best return on investment (ROI) results in short videos. So your brand advertising will be effective and profitable.

However, it would help if you kept in mind that creativity and authenticity are critical to the success of any campaign.

7. You Can Make User Generated Content (UGC)

TikTok users are very active and publish very diverse content. In fact, on average, they upload four videos a week, one more than most brands. 

Therefore, TikTok has become an ideal platform for making UGC. 

So, if your brand is on TikTok, take the opportunity to encourage your followers to generate content about your products or services, whether opinions, tutorials, recommendations, advice… And share them!

Remember that user-generated content can be a very effective and economical tool to promote your brand authentically and relatable.

8. You Will Be Up To Date

TikTok reflects today’s society, which is constantly changing and adapting to technology. And every week, even every day, new trends and challenges emerge in the App.

Therefore, being active on the platform will allow you to know the trends of the moment. This way, you can know your audience’s tastes and keep your brand updated. 

In short, it is the perfect opportunity to increase your visibility and improve your brand positioning.

9. You Will Gain More Clients

Another reason why your brand should be on TikTok is so you can create a loyal community.

TikTok users tend to be participatory and engaged. 

The algorithm facilitates and encourages users to interact actively with other users’ content in real time. And conversely, brands can also interact directly with their audience and obtain instant feedback.

And TikTok is a perfect tool both to make your brand known and to retain customers and turn them into evangelizers of your brand.

That is why it is essential that your content is creative and unique to capture users.

These are the main reasons your brand should be on TikTok before 2024. But there are many more! Do you dare to discover them?

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