Digital Sales – How To Attract Customers And Retain Them?

Digital Sales

When we talk about the world of sales, we usually think of the conventional way of offering a product or service by talking about its characteristics. However, over time this activity has been influenced by technology. We are making it even possible to sell remotely and without the presence of the seller. And if you are interested in dominating the digital sales world, this post is ideal for you.

How To Make A Digital Sale?

As we have mentioned, selling is no longer just about showing and describing a product. In order to make a sale, it is necessary to create a path for the user from their first interaction until the sale.

That is why we will explain how the digital sales process works below :


Currently, sales (digital framework) on the internet and through social networks are booming. For this reason, there are platforms such as marketplaces, online stores, and online catalogs in which it is possible to offer products and services. This is the cheapest and easiest step since the objective is to attach all the information about the product, images, and essential details. All with the purpose that the potential buyer can verify every aspect of his purchase just before confirming.

In this phase, it is essential to use audio-visual material or graphic content that is striking or highlights the article. This way, it will be much more visual for the user, and thus they can make a decision. This will also prevent returns and disappointment.

The most important thing is to use digital tools to captivate potential customers to ensure a higher probability of sale.


In general, digital sales are characterized by having a great reach. That is a large number of people potentially see them. However, not all platforms have this facility. This is how you have two paths.

You can use social networks to publicize your site or online store and send a large amount of traffic to the catalog of your products. This way, through regular publications, the community is kept abreast of new developments, offers, promotions, and more.

The payment options on specific platforms are very effective. They are getting certain publications or websites to be seen by thousands of people, which you can segment to focus on your potential customers.

Customer Service And Loyalty:

Even though the above steps are usually convenient, the last but not the least important step still needs to be added. Customer service is an essential key in a digital sale. Through it, it is possible to help the customer decide on a product because we can solve your doubts or negotiate with them to encourage them to purchase the product or service.

This is how in this phase, the people who will focus on sales must have good training and mastery of negotiation techniques. And even a sales funnel or digital marketing strategy must be created to accompany the user and build their loyalty. In this way, it has been possible for an eventual user to maintain interest in your company or business. And later he wants to buy, although that is not all.

Because through the sales funnel, customers who have already purchased are remembered. This is where a method is established to keep informed of new products and offer them the new ones or others that we have in our catalog. Since the person who has bought has an opinion and confidence in our brand, which cannot be wasted and on the contrary, we must maintain it.

What Elements Contribute To A Digital Sale?

Although the above steps work, they alone are not highly effective if not combined with the following elements:

  • The market study refers to our task as sellers or merchants to investigate our potential clients. Since we must know how to approach them and, in turn, offer our product. This way, they will feel identified and attracted but not overwhelmed by an insistent and traditional sale.
  • Planning: now that we have a study of our market and potential client, we can create a plan. Through this planning, we establish our sales strategy, from offering the product to finalizing the sale and building customer loyalty
  • Sales strategy: as we explained at the beginning of the post, we have to have an approach focused on selling digital content. Since we have to comply with the steps to give it visibility, reach and finalize the sale.
  • Improve user experience: customer service is essential; we can improve this over time. In this case, our market study will help us get closer to users. And even interact with potential customers pleasantly and calmly.
  • Measure the results: we have to define if our sales and market research strategy is effective. Therefore, measuring the study’s results and execution of the plan is essential.

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