Unbreakable – This Is How You Make Your Password Secure

Passwords Secure

With these simple tricks, you are on the safe side. Here you get the five most important tips to generate a bombproof password.

There is a programmer in San Francisco who owns bitcoins worth $ 220 million. The only stupid thing is that he forgot his password and lost the slip of paper on which he wrote it down. Before you feel the same way and you can no longer get your millions, here are the essential tips for a secure password that you will not forget: 

Words Are Too Insecure

It is straightforward to generate an almost crack-proof password. Forget complete words as a password! Hackers run attacks automatically, so simple combinations of letters or words as passwords can be cracked at any time. Even if you replace the I with a one or a! or the E through a 3. Just remember: Words as a password are insecure.

This Is How It Works Better: Secure Password

  • A password secure consists of letters, numbers, and characters. It’s best to memorize a sentence and use letters and numbers.
  • A good example of a strong password is this sentence: W it 3 x hinfällt, should 4 x wieder aufstehen.
  • The password would be W3xhs4xwa.

Another Five Tips For Secure Passwords:

  1. Always combine letters and numbers – upper and lower case is also important
  2. use names – neither those of the treasure nor of the pet
  3. Umlauts are taboo! A, O, U are critical because they don’t work abroad. If you log in online there, it may not work.
  4. The longer, the safer. A medium-secure password is eight characters long – with 12 characters, you have a high level of security. You should secure financial matters with at least 16 symbols.
  5. Do not write anything down, and do not use a password for all accesses.

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