Steps To Fix [pii_email_aba60da269ef4f852768] Error Code


When people do certain things in Outlook, they get an error message that shows as [pii_email_aba60da269ef4f852768] error. MS Outlook is one of the most popular email programs. It is a good way to manage email and is used by many people, especially when compared to Yahoo, Gmail, and other email services.

What Actually Are Pii Error Codes In Microsoft Outlook

PII stands for “Personally Identifiable Information” and is an acronym for “Microsoft Pii.” It is information about a person used to describe them. Examples are phone numbers, email addresses, pin codes, social security numbers, and IP addresses. But as technology advances in the technological environment, the quantity of content that users can use to find out who someone grows.

PII now includes a destination address, digital photos, biometrics, user IDs, and information about how a person acts. People who use Outlook to send & receive emails can often see PII mistakes. PII problems like [pii_email_aba60da269ef4f852768]  are caused by settings that are wrong or not secure, like authentication, port number, and an unsecured connection.

The Key Factors That Cause Error Code [pii_email_aba60da269ef4f852768]

Users can have more than one Outlook profile, causing the problem. If users do not clear their cache, the problem will appear in Microsoft Outlook. The online edition of Outlook is another way to get around this problem. When installing software on a computer, this [pii_email_aba60da269ef4f852768] problem could happen. 

When this happens, users must delete the old version of Outlook, reinstall it, and then update it to the most recent edition. During the installation process, the error can happen for two different reasons.

  • Outlook has been hacked to add more email accounts.
  • Personal software is put on the computers of users.
  • If users still seem to have these issues, they must contact Microsoft to get more help.

How To Solve Error Code [pii_email_aba60da269ef4f852768] & Most Effective Paths

Would users like to know how to fix the [pii_email_aba60da269ef4f852768] error code when they use the Outlook account on Windows to send an email? Microsoft Outlook is one of the best email clients. With Outlook, we can send and receive emails safely. Many people all over the world use Microsoft Outlook. As we just saw, when folks do something in Outlook, the PII error code will show up on the operating system.

Vital To Upgrade To The Latest Edition Of Outlook

It is possible to avoid this problem by operating Outlook on several operating systems, such as Windows 7 or 8 if a user’s PC has been upgraded to the latest operating system.

Use Microsoft Outlook’s Web Interface

Users with many accounts and initiatives open in Outlook should follow the steps below to keep track of everything.

  • Sign out of all accounts that are open at the moment.
  • Clear out the cache.
  • Sign in to get to the accounts.

Follow the steps below to fix this specific [pii_email_cec533c68387c6e324ca] error

  • Remove any older editions of the Outlook program from the computer that could cause problems.
  • Folks can get Outlook from the Microsoft website.
  • Folks can install it on any computer by downloading the recent edition of Outlook.

Outlook’s first choices included personal data management through notes, calendar, appointment management, contact management (used every day by several large companies), personnel information, handling concerns for administrative reports, sales invoices & employee data management.

Update Outlook To The Most Recent Release

This error will appear in the edition of Outlook being used is broken. It messes up all of the essential files and data and causes a lot of errors, such as [pii_email_aba60da269ef4f852768] error code. Users must take the following steps to fix this:

  • First, take off the computer any malicious Microsoft Office software.
  • Next, clear most cookies and caches to ensure every broken data packet is gone.
  • Right away, restart one PC.
  • The Microsoft website is where folks can get the latest version of the Microsoft Outlook software.

Signing Out Of All Accounts & Turning Off All Software Applications

[pii_email_aba60da269ef4f852768] error code also occurs while Using Microsoft Outlook with more than one programme. When multiple tasks are being done simultaneously, computers can not do their jobs well. It makes things move slowly and can cause many mistakes. If People close all other programs, the problem could go away. Clear all cache memory until this point and try again for better results.

Remove The Cookies And Cache To Find & Fix Any Defective Programs

If damaged or broken files are on a computer or other device, they will probably run slower and cause problems. Users must first help solve each of these problems on their own to get the framework back up and running. People can get rid of all the information by logging out from their accounts and clearing their cache and cookies. To get the whole system and all Microsoft programs to work again, folks need to uninstall the software, delete all cookies and caches, and reinstall it.

  • Users must wipe out all duplicate profiles completely.
  • When more than one profile is active, this mistake happens less often.
  • Close Outlook and sign out of all email accounts in MS Outlook.
  • Both the data and also the cache needs to be deleted.
  • Sign in to the Outlook profiles to get back into the workforce.
  • Clear out the cookies and the cache.
  • The info could be unique, and trying to clear the cookies and cache could fix the problem.
  • Do not use the Outlook program anymore. Close for a little while and then reopen.
  • To avoid the problem, don’t use more than one account.
  • If a user is using an older edition of Outlook, all they need to do is update to the most recent version and restart their computer.

After folks restart the machine or PC, open Microsoft Outlook to see if users took the error code [pii_email_aba60da269ef4f852768] into account. If the Outlook problem does not disappear, follow the steps below to fix Outlook.

Using The SCANPST.exe Application

SCANPST.exe is a Microsoft program that can fix several problems with Outlook. It is a common way to fix many Outlook PII software problems. In future posts, we will discuss more issues and show how to fix them. So, unless users are having trouble, they should keep surfing because we will answer all and see them as quickly as possible. Follow the directions below to use SCANPST.exe and fix the problem with [pii_email_aba60da269ef4f852768].

  • Click on “My Computer.”
  • Go to Program Files/Microsoft Office/Officetheversion.exe (like Office 14 or 18)
  • Just go to the folder and run SCANPST.exe with the administrator privileges.
  • When the app is run for the first time, users can find the broken PST file when they click on Browse.
  • Once the infected PST file has been chosen, users can press the “Start” button.
  • If folks need a backup of such a PST file, check the box next to “Start creating a backup of a document before trying to fix” and tell it where the backup file should go.

After the broken PST files have been fixed, users must check to see if the problem is still there. Users can go back to using Microsoft Outlook normally once the problem is mostly fixed. People also know that [pii_email_aba60da269ef4f852768] error was caused by a corrupted PST file. Since this does not fix the problem, users must try one of the other treatments listed below.

Problems With Connectivity & Networking

Problems with the network cause most problems on a computer, and the same goes for Outlook. Users could be having issues with their networks because of [pii_email_aba60da269ef4f852768] error code. Here are some common network problems and how to fix them:

Instant Fix: If the internet connectivity is slow, go to the Service Provider and ask if there are any problems with the network. Users can also try restarting their router to see if this fixes the problem with their internet connection.

Outlook’s Internet Address Restricted By ISP

Instant Fix: Use a virtual private network (VPN) or a proxy service to connect to the Outlook servers because of the [pii_email_aba60da269ef4f852768] error problem. Users can do this for several reasons, including the location. When users use a VPN service, they can get around this problem. To get the complete edition of Outlook, mask the IP address with a VPN from a company folks can trust. 

If a user is connected to a proxy service, they can use proxy IP to find servers. When looking for a proxy service, choose one that has a good name and is safe. Instead of using ineffective & risky free VPNs, users should sign up for a paid VPN service. If that does not solve the problem, users must try something else.

Be Sure To Connect With Microsoft’s Customer Relations Team

Lastly, if the problem of error code [pii_email_aba60da269ef4f852768] still exists, please contact Microsoft’s customer service. Ask Microsoft’s Support Team if they can help us and see what they say. Their customer service is one of the leading companies in the industry, and we are sure they’ll help anyone solve their problem. Follow this link to get in touch with Microsoft Support, go to

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The goal of this blog post was to show how to solve the [pii_email_aba60da269ef4f852768] problem. We did all we could to discover and fix the problem with Microsoft Outlook. We think that one of the above solutions will work for our users. This article’s primary goal is to help anyone figure out how to fix the microsoft outlook error codes. Anyone can connect with Microsoft customer support if users have tried these solutions and still can’t fix the problem.

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